Wish you a splendid new year

Wish you a splendid new year




Global Philanthropy Leaders Program (GPL)
Being the first philanthropy program targeting China's High Networth Individuals, it aims to gain "philanthropic knowledge" and achieve "philanthropic economy" by using world's top exchange platforms for philanthropists and collaboration with top universities, and to foster philanthropy leaders that have a global vision and pattern and ability to lead the development of the society.


Executive Management of Philanthropy (EMP) Program
The Executive Management of Philanthropy (EMP) Program is a leading nonprofit management and philanthropy training program created by the China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI). Its mission is to develop visionary leaders who can affect dynamic, innovative social change in China and Greater China.

Featured Course

Featured Courses
The excellent courses targeting to different audiences are aimed at providing diversified training and exchange platform for philanthropists and upgrading the philanthropy professional level, including Issue Courses, Open Courses, Master Class, Online Courses, Schoolfellow Lectures and CGPI Philanthropy Seminar Series.

Latest News

2019 Annual Letter of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
we didn't see this coming
2018 Report on Family Foundations in China: Highlights
After 40 years of rapid economic growth in the “Reform and Opening Up” era, China now has the second-highest tally of millionaires in the world. These newly wealthy individuals seek to carry on their legacy and to promote social values through family philanthropy. Meanwhile, the philanthropic sector as a whole is burgeoning. China passed its first Charity Law in 2016, expanding the field of charity from a focus on disaster relief, poverty alleviation, and education to encompass many other areas related to social welfare and sustainable development. The Center for Family Legacy at China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) carried out an exploratory assessment of China’s family foundations, evaluating and ranking foundations based on size of financial contributions, degree of social impact, and governance, and identifying challenges and opportunities for further increasing philanthropic engagement and efficacy.
Alumni Association | Philanthropy Heroes Gather in Beijing, Kung Fu Masters Talk About the Future!
We have all dreamed of fighting with swords in the world of rivers and lakes for Chinese people, where there are martial arts, chivalry, and chivalry that we yearn for.

CGPI Won Awards of the Shenzhen Social Organization list
On the evening of January 8, the Third Shenzhen Social Organization Annual Festival was held in Shenzhen based on its theme of "Let hearts together, take on a promise". The leaders of Shenzhen city and more than 1,200 principal heads of kinds of social organizations, entrepreneurs and representatives from various circles have all attended the festival which Chairman of China Global Philanthropy Institute Ma Weihua addressed.
Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development at Peking University Visiting China Global Philanthropy Institute
On the afternoon of January 7, Professor Fu Jun, Academic Dean of the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development at Peking University, led a delegation of teachers and students to visit Shenzhen International Innovation Centre of China Global Philanthropy Institute, of which 64 students were government officials from 25 developing countries.
Good News | Japan SetoNaikai Art Philanthropy Island gets on the list of the most worthwhile destinations of the New York Times

Japan SetoNaikai recently ranked seventh in the "52 Most Worthy Tourist Destinations in 2019" of the New York Times. SetoNaikai, has been built by the Philanthropy master of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, honorary consultant, former chairman and CEO of Benesse Holdings, a legal person of Philanthropy Consortium, chairman of Fukutake Consortium, and representative of Naoshima for Benesse Art Fair, Mr. Fukutake Soichiro, for 30 years. The New York Times describes SetoNaikai and its coastal areas as "the amalgamation of art and nature in the Japanese inland sea". It introduces the Setouchi Triennale, which will be held this year on several islands in Okayama prefecture and Kagawa prefecture, the main hall of Hiroshima Nuclear Explosion Information Museum, which will be reopened in April, and Setouchi Cruise Line Company (Hiroshima-ken, Onomichi City), which will launch the "guntû" luxury passenger ship in October 2017.

Upcoming Events

Invitation Letter | What about the 2018
Invitation Letter | What about the 2018 "Donation Bill" of wealthy people?
When Alipay was "urged" to submit the annual consumption bill, a group of people handed over their annual "Donation Bill". They are not consumers, but donors. What kind of donation undertakings are you engaged in? Irregular "loving-care" donation or a small sum of monthly donation? Among all sorts of fields, what's your focus? Imagine! You, possessing a fortune, would like to invest in…

Today, let's take a look at the annual "Donation Bill" of wealthy people. Over the years, China Global Philanthropy Institute and China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University have been conducting the analysis on wealthy people, a large-scale group engaged in donation undertakings. The related reports have been released for seven consecutive years.

In September 2018, the first China-based foundation aimed at rendering support to donors was established, which indicates that new donation tools have been introduced and the donation activities will be more standardized and professional.
This year, a lot of major donors in different industries came to the fore. Who are they? What about those new trends? Under new economic circumstances, what changes will take place in terms of large-scale donations in the future? What about those "urgent" calling for our attention? Philosophy of Philanthropy Salon will help you get a deeper insight into these issues.

The Release of 2018 Top Donors in China & Agenda of Philosophy of Philanthropy Salon - "Philanthropic-Wealth"

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Guest introduction
(Ranked by the process, no particular order)
Fu Changbo
Assistant Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute and Director of Family Heritage Center; Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of Social Sciences, Beijing Normal University. In recent years, he, with the aid of Internet and artificial intelligence, is committed to promoting philanthropy, boosting social innovation, and setting up a new landscape of social governance characterized by multiple engagement, joint construction, and mutual benefits. Lectures: Family Heritage and Strategic Philanthropy, Family Heritage and Social Innovation, Good Fortune Inheritance and Investment in Influence, The Law and Skills of the Rockefeller Family.

Wang Zhenyao
Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute; Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University. In November 2015, Professor Wang Zhenyao was invited to serve as Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Shenzhen. China Global Philanthropy Institute was jointly founded by five Chinese and American philanthropists - Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonyu, and Ye Qingjun. It, committed to setting up a theoretical system of Good Fortune, endeavors to heighten the level of philanthropic education, promotes international exchanges and cooperation in the field of philanthropy, and boosts the reform and innovation of philanthropic undertakings across the world.

Zhang Chengcheng
Sponsor of Shanxi ROFFAR Philanthropy Foundation; Director of Xi'an City Wall Protection Foundation; Director of ROFFAR Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.; Chairman of ROFFAR Pension Co., Ltd. The social positions in recent years: Member of the 12th Shanxi Provincial Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Executive Committee of Shanxi Federation of Industry & Commerce; Executive Committee of Xi'an Federation of Industry & Commerce; Standing Director of Shanxi New Generation Entrepreneurs Association. The 2014 Youngest Candidate of "50 Figures" at the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and France.

Hao Ruixi
Project Officer of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, responsible for the cooperation and development of philanthropy undertakings. Prior to joining Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she served in Monitor Group and Procter & Gamble. She got her master and bachelor degrees from Harvard Kennedy School and Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

Cai Gaihuan
Chairman of Charity Trust Committee of China Charity Alliance. Former member of Law-drafting Group of National People's Congress in term of Bank, Security, Trust, and Fund; have participated in the drafting of Charity Law of the People's Republic of China, Management Methods for Charitable Trust, and so on; conduct some research on family philanthropy and inheritance; be devoted to the promotion and practice of philanthropic trust in China.

Xu Lei
清华大学五道口金融学院全球家族企业研究中心研究专员。许嫘的研究聚焦于家族企业战略、家族治理、家族传承规划、家族继承人培养、家族办公室、家族慈善等领域。在加入全球家族企业研究中心之前,许嫘曾在由家族企业学科的启蒙人——约翰·戴维斯John A. Davis教授创办的剑桥家族企业集团担任分析师。
Researcher of Global Family Business Research Center, PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University. Research fields: strategy of family business, family governance, planning of family heritage, training of family heir, family office, family philanthropy, and so on. Prior to joining Global Family Business Research Center, Xu Lei served as an analyst in the Cambridge Family Business Group - founded by Professor Davis John A. Davis (an inspirer and pioneer in the research on family business).
(In case of any changes of the guests list, the on-site guests shall prevail.)

Invitation Letter | 2019 Philanthropy and Childhood Education Action Forum
Invitation Letter | 2019 Philanthropy and Childhood Education Action Forum
Invitation Letter | 2019 Philanthropy and Childhood Education Action Forum

January 15, 2019 Holiday Inn Deshengmen, Beijing
Analyze the current situations and trends of domestic and foreign industries; promote practical experience reference and sharing.
Advocate the mode of "Effective Sponsoring", and promote the sound development of Education Philanthropy
Release the Research Report of Current Philanthropic Actions for Childhood Education, and carry out a series of in-depth case studies
Launch a series of "Joint Actions", and facilitate the dovetailing of resources and cooperation-related undertakings

中国是全球教育慈善领域的重要参与者。国际公益学院将在老牛兄妹公益基金会的支持下,联合北师大中国公益研究院、21世纪教育研究院、瑞士NORRAG(Network for international policies and cooperation in education and training)等机构,在中国组织发起包含公益慈善与教育领域各利益相关方在内的对话活动,作为慈善与教育系列论坛在中国的初步尝试。此次论坛旨在通过聚焦中国儿童教育领域的公平与创新,结合国内外优秀案例,分享和学习国内外教育公益组织的成功经验,形成政策和理念倡导,促成资源对接和项目合作,引领推动儿童教育公平和公益生态的多元化。
China is an important player in terms of education and philanthropy throughout the world. China Global Philanthropy Institute, under the help of Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation, will work together with China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University, 21st Century Education Research Institute, and Swiss NORRAG (network for international policies and cooperation in education and training) to launch a series of activities and events, where various stakeholders in the fields of philanthropy and education share their observations. These activities and events constitute a preliminary attempt of philanthropy and education forums in China. The Forum, focusing on fairness and innovation in terms of childhood education, in conjunction with excellent cases at home and abroad, draws on lessons and experience of domestic and international organizations in terms of education and philanthropy, makes the related policies and philosophy advocacy, facilitates the dovetailing of resources and cooperation-related undertakings, ensures the equity of childhood education and the diversity of philanthropic ecology.

China Global Philanthropy Institute

Cooperative agency
China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University

21st Century Education Research Institute

Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation

Education and philanthropy organizations, NGOs
Sponsored and operational foundations
International philanthropic institutions
Commercial organizations
Other individuals and institutions interested in this forum


2019 Philanthropy and Childhood Education Action Forum
1月15日 北京西城区德胜门华宇假日酒店 南宁厅
January 15 Nanning Hall of Holiday Inn Deshengmen, Xicheng District, Beijing
Time 内容
09:00 - 09:20 欢迎致辞
Opening Greetings
Speech given by the sponsor's representative
09:20 - 09:45 主题发言:中国儿童教育事业的变革背景
Keynote speech: The Background of the Transformation of Childhood Education in China
王振耀 国际公益学院院长
Wang Zhenyao Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute
09:45 - 10:10 主题发言:面向未来的儿童教育与慈善
Keynote speech: Future-oriented Childhood Education and Philanthropy
方晋 中国发展研究基金会副秘书长
Fang Jin Deputy Secretary General of China Development Research Foundation
10:10 - 10:35 主题发言:儿童教育慈善的国际趋势
Keynote speech: International Trends of Childhood Education and Philanthropy
Arushi Terway 瑞士Norrag首席研究员
Arushi Terway Chief Research of Swiss Norrag
10:35 - 10:50 茶歇
Tea break
10:50 - 11:15 主题发言:公益慈善视角下教育公平的多元化认知
Keynote speech: Diversified Cognition on Educational Equity from the Perspective of Philanthropy
顾远 Aha社会创新学院创始人、群岛教育加速器联合创始人
Gu Yuan Founder of Aha School of Social Innovation, co-founder of Islands Education Accelerator
11:15 - 12:15 圆桌对话:未来教育生态中的教育公平
Roundtable Dialogue: Educational Equity in the Future Educational Ecology
主持人:黄浩明 国际公益学院副院长
Host: Huang Haoming Deputy Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute
马庆钰 国家行政学院教授
Ma Qingyu Professor of Chinese Academy of Governance
王丽惠 北京西部阳光农村发展基金会秘书长
Wang Lihui Secretary General of Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation
李琦 湖南弘慧教育基金会执行副秘书长
Li Qi Executive Deputy Secretary General of Hunan Wispring Education Development Foundation
程雯 北京戈友公益援助基金会理事长
Cheng Wen Chairman of Beijing Geyou Community Aid Foundation
Megan Haggetry EFG国际教育基金会联盟联络员
Megan Haggetry Liaison Officer of EFG International Education Foundation Alliance
12:15 - 13:30 午餐
13:30 - 13:55 主题发言:互联网时代下的教育公平与创新
Keynote speech: Educational Equity and Innovation in the Internet Age
郑新蓉 北京师范大学教育学部教育基本理论研究院院长
Zheng Xinrong Dean of Institute of Education of Basic Theories, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University
13:55 - 15:00 圆桌对话:面向未来的教育与创新
Roundtable dialogue: Future-oriented Education and Innovation
主持人:黄胜利 21世纪教育研究院执行院长
Host: Huang Shengli Executive Dean of 21st Century Education Research Institute
陈霄鹏 老牛兄妹公益基金会秘书长
Chen Xiaopeng Secretary General of Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation
高玉荣 北师大中国公益研究院副院长
Gao Yurong Deputy Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University
李克梅 德清公益基金会发起人、副理事长兼秘书长
Li Kemei Sponsor, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Deqing Foundation
王洁琼 四川省妇女儿童基金会理事长
Wang Jieqiong Chairman of Sichuan Women & Children Foundation
Fabrice Jaumont 巴黎人文科学基金会研究员
Fabrice Jaumont Researcher of Paris Humanities Foundation
15:00 - 15:15 茶歇
Tea break
15:15 - 15:40 《儿童教育领域公益行动现状研究报告》发布
Release the Research Report of Current Philanthropic Actions for Childhood Education
吴艾思 国际公益学院公益管理部高级分析员
Wu Aisi Senior Analyst of Department of Philanthropy Management, China Global Philanthropy Institute
15:40 - 17:00 圆桌对话:儿童教育领域的有效资助
Roundtable dialogue: Effective Sponsoring in Childhood Education
主持人:何进 国际公益学院教授
Host: He Jin Professor of China Global Philanthropy Institute
骆筱红 浙江致朴公益基金会联合发起人、阿里巴巴公益基金会理事
Luo Xiaohong Co-sponsor of Zhejiang Zhipu Foundation, Director of Alibaba Foundation
王书文 千禾基金会秘书长
Wang Shuwen Secretary General of Harmony Foundation
李北伟 億方公益基金会秘书长
Li Beiwei Secretary General of Yifang Foundation
钱霄峰 救助儿童会北京代表处战略发展总监
Qian Xiaofeng Director of Strategic Development, Save the Children, Beijing Office
郑莉惠 博世中国慈善中心主任
Zheng Lihui Director of Bosch China Charity Center
17:00 - 17:10 闭幕致辞
Closing speech
18:00 - 20:00 晚餐交流
Dinner and exchanges


王振耀 国际公益学院院长
Wang Zhenyao - Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute

Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University
Doctor of Laws, School of Government, Peking University; Master of Public Administration, Harvard Kennedy School. When he served in Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, he greatly promoted the grassroots election of rural areas in China. He has facilitated the establishment of the Subsistence Security System for Urban Residents and the Four-level Emergency Response System for Natural Disasters. He has promoted the establishment of the National Orphan Protection System, the standards for orphan parenting, as well as the related systems of financial support.

黄浩明 国际公益学院副院长
Huang Haoming - Deputy Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute
Part-time Researcher of Institute for Philanthropy Tsinghua University; Part-time Professor of School of Public Administration, Beihang University; Part-time Professor of Chinese Academy of Governance; Member of Advisory Board, Center of Health Reform and Innovation, The University of Leeds, UK. He has more than 30 years of experience in the following fields: cultivation and development of social organizations, international exchanges among different social organizations, laws of cooperation between non-profit organizations and enterprises, policies and strategies for Chinese social organizations to go global.

马庆珏 国家行政学院教授
Ma Qingyu - Professor of Chinese Academy of Governance

Professor, Doctoral Supervisor; Academic Leader of Social Management and Public Governance, Chinese Academy of Governance; Deputy Director of Department of Social and Cultural Sciences. Major works which have been published: Insights into the Frontiers of China's Administrative Reform, Analysis and Prospect of China's Political Culture, Development and Management of NGOs in China, and so on. Papers and articles which have been published: 150+. It has broad implications in the areas of government management and public governance.

何进 国际公益学院教授
He Jin - Professor of China Global Philanthropy Institute
Co-founder of China Donors Roundtable (CDR). Doctor of Education, Stanford University, USA. Once, he served in United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and World Bank. He joined Ford Foundation in 2001 as a senior project officer in China Office, responsible for all sorts of education-related affairs. He, having worked in Ford Foundation for 15 years, has managed fund capital of more than 40 million US dollars, provided support for a large number of educational organizations and various small-scale projects, kept pace with the changes in educational policies and strategies rolled out by China, and promoted the development of education-based undertakings in China.

方晋 中国发展研究基金会副秘书长
Fang Jin - Deputy Secretary General of China Development Research Foundation
Researcher of Development Research Center of the State Council. Doctor of Economics, Peking University; Bachelor and Master of Economics, Macquarie University, Australia; Visiting Scholar of John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Research focus: the medium and long-term challenges in the course of China's socio-economic development. The book (co-author) - Trap or Wall: The Real Challenges and Strategic Choices of Chinese Economy won 2013 Sun Yefang Economics Award and China Development Research Award (Special Prize).

Arushi Terway 瑞士NGORRAG首席研究员
Arushi Terway - Chief Researcher of Swiss NGORRAG
Doctor of Normal School, Columbia University; Master of Education - International Education Policy, Harvard University. More than 12 years of professional experience; research focus: educational reform and youth education in developing countries (India, Rwanda, and South Sudan).

顾远 Aha社会创新学院创始人
Gu Yuan - Founder of Aha School of Social Innovation
Co-founder of Islands Education Accelerator; Director of such educational institutions as 21st Century Education Research Institute, Beijing Growing Home, Chengdu Xianfeng School; investor of Cellular Children's University, Ridunshe Normal School, and other educational and innovative institutions. Achievements in recent years: set forth the concepts of "Socialized Learning" and Future-oriented "Education 3.0"; enrich the related theoretical and methodological frameworks based on a series of research and practice; with the aid of Islands Education Accelerator, provide support for nearly 60 educational institutions in terms of educational innovation.

黄胜利 21世纪教育研究院执行院长
Huang Shengli - Executive Dean of 21st Century Education Research Institute
21st Century Education Research Institute, as a privately-owned non-profit organization with the emphasis on education-based public strategies and innovation research, conducts the research in terms of education and materialize the related policies from an independent standpoint, brings together folk scholars specializing in education and other fields, promotes the educational reform and development in China, and sets up a well-structured and high-standard educational system.