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Social Policy Research Center Introduction

Sustainable Development Research Center

President Xi has said that sustainable development is a "golden key" to solving many of the world’s current problems. However, more innovation, coordination, and sharing of green practices are needed to propel change. To support global efforts, CGPI has established a Sustainable Development Research Center dedicated to creating training that advances the principles and practice of sustainable development, and provides sustainable development consulting services to government and corporate stakeholders.

The Center’s work focuses on:

1. Sustainable Development Research

The Center provides consulting services based on international sustainable development goals and market demand. This will include research reports on sustainable practices for different industries, and the development of cutting-edge practices .  

2. Sustainable Development Education

The Center will organize educational initiatives to promote sustainable lifestyles. CGPI will focus first on youth education aimed at sparking lifelong commitments to sustainability and the next generation of green development pioneers.

Activities include summer camp courses for youth-led sustainable development and an annual youth sustainable development innovation competition. The Center will also develop sustainability-focused philanthropic projects for entrepreneurs, women and other target groups.

3. Sustainable Development Public Events

The Center promotes academic exchanges in sustainable development-related fields by holding salons, special lectures, large-scale forums and other activities.

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