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Sustainable Development Research Center Introduction

Sustainable Development Research Center

Sustainable development is the "golden key" to solve current global problems. The Sustainable Development Research Center of CGPI adheres to the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing", and makes it the goal to create a sustainable development education base and public service platform. Through relevant courses and special studies in the field of sustainable development, the Center is dedicated to facilitating the training of all kinds of talents needed for sustainable development, and to providing sustainable development consulting and solutions for the government and enterprises. The main business sectors of the center include:

1. Sustainable development education

Targeted at governments, enterprises, non-profit organizations and individuals, the Center develops training courses around sustainable fashion, sustainable finance, sustainable business, etc., provides professional training and qualification certification, as well as other related education products in the field of sustainable development.

2. Sustainable development research

Aiming at the sustainable development goals and related sub-fields and with market demand and industry development as the orientation, the Center provides sustainable development-related consulting services, and forms research reports on industry or corporate sustainable development.

3. Sustainable development project

By holding activities such as the "Summer Camp for Youth Sustainable Development Creation" and "Annual Youth Sustainable Development Innovation Competition", the Center endeavors to promote the accumulation of knowledge of Chinese youth in sustainable development-related fields, cultivate their ability to use sustainable development concepts and methods to solve problems, and encourage them to actively participate in the implementation of China's sustainable development goals. At the same time, it gathers positive energy with a philanthropic heart to develop other themed philanthropic projects for entrepreneurs, women and other groups.

4. Sustainable development forum

The Center actively promote academic exchanges in sustainable development-related fields by holding academic salons, special lectures, large-scale forums and other activities.

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