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Program Overview

The Executive Management of Philanthropy (EMP) is the first nonprofit management and philanthropy training program created by CGPI. Its mission is to develop visionary leaders who can contribute to innovative social change in China and beyond. It is a skill-centered, multi-disciplinary program which provides rigorous training using theoretical and experiential learning, with an emphasis on case studies and practical application. The EMP course creates a platform for sharing global best practices, while training nonprofit executives to hone their abilities, and supporting senior business professionals to expand their role in the philanthropic sector.    

EMP Student Profiles:

  • Founders of charitable organizations and foundations
  • Senior-level managers of corporations or non-profit organizations
  • All types of social entrepreneurs
  • Notable philanthropy proponents, including members of the media, athletes, celebrities and other influencers  

Program Features
  • A unique and dynamic curriculum from China’s top professional philanthropy management education program
  • Top global faculty from philanthropy, business, and academia
  • Rich assortment of classes including new electives and consulting workshops
  • Diverse and active alumni network
  • Promoting cooperation between philanthropy area and business area
  •  Scholarship support available (ONLY for full-time non-profit executives)


EMP is a 1.5 year-program, with students admitted twice a year, during fall and spring semesters. Each cohort averages around 60 students. The EMP curriculum is an interactive combination of classroom coursework, hands-on learning, dialogue and exchange, and direct mentoring. Based on three modules including "Philanthropy Theory, Philanthropy Management, and Social Innovation", we have created a unique C-G-P-I course system: Charity Core Course, General Elective Course, Professional Course, International Course. Using this methodology, we’ve constructed a multi-disciplinary and cross-sector curriculum structure, which emphasize problem solving, creative thinking, in-depth tutoring, global resources, and hands-on learning.

Charity Core Course
  • Understanding Philanthropy: Mission and Culture
  • Philanthropic Ethic
  • Charity Law and Regulations
  • Strategy Planning and Management for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Nonprofit Project Management and Evaluation
  • Designing Innovative Charity Projects
  • Fundraising and Resource Mobilization for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Sustainable Development and Social Finance
  • Philanthropy and the Liberal Arts

General Elective Course
  • Nonprofit Governance
  • How to Identify and Define Social Problems
  • Nonprofit Branding & Communication
  •  Strategy Design for Corporation Social Responsibility
  • Community Development and Social Services

Professional Course

  • Philanthropy and Business
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Social Issues: Analysis and Solution Identification

International Courses

  • Asia: Philanthropy and Liberal Arts; Community Development
  • Southeast Asia: Social Welfare Services
  • United States: Impact Investment
  • Europe: Social Enterprise and Social Innovation

EMP Alumni

Since EMP launched, there have been 16 cohorts and roughly 800 alumni and students from different provinces and autonomous regions. Of the students, around 50 percent are from nonprofits, 40 percent from business, and 10 percent from other sectors including government, media, sports, etc.

Many alumni have gone on to distinguished roles in social sector, and have won honors such as the March 8 Red Flag Bearer Award, the National Advanced Individual in Poverty Alleviation Award, the Chinese Youth May Fourth Medal, and the China Charity Award, among others.