Shenzhen Institute of international public welfare


Philanthropy Online Academy

Philanthropy Online Academy is a digital education platform created by China Global Philanthropy Institute.


The Academy is dedicated to improving the professional skills of newcomers to the philanthropy workplace, stimulating the public's interest and enthusiasm in philanthropy, spreading innovative ideas to young people with aspirations for social innovation, and providing systematic and professional philanthropy knowledge and action strategies to those who are willing to join the public welfare cause, to increase professionalism among philanthropists and make philanthropy more accessible.



To provide professional, structured and accessible knowledge and courses on philanthropy


Target Audience

Staff of public service organizations, non-profit organizations and public service agencies, as well as young people and others interested in public service and social innovation


As of September 2021, Philanthropy Online Academy is home to 282 courses, 1,950 lessons and 71,000+ registered students.