Shenzhen Institute of international public welfare


Executive Education (EE)

The Executive Education (EE) program aims to customize training programs that meet the characteristics of students and adapt to organizational development according to the specific needs of various organizations.

The objects of customized courses include government agencies, charitable organizations, and corporate business institutions. It imparts knowledge related to philanthropy and vocational skills, cultivate professional and occupational executives from cross industries who are devoted to philanthropy, and lead the sustainable development of the philanthropy industry.

Based on the professional advantages of philanthropy, and led by well-known scholars and industry experts at home and abroad, the CGPI will comprehensively customize and manage the curriculum from demand research to course design, development, implementation, effect evaluation and follow-up oriented by the needs of partners. The main courses include five modules—charity law, organizational governance, project management, fundraising and social finance, and relevant teaching modules can also be customized according to actual needs.