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Program Introduction


The GLOBAL SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR SCHOLARS (GSE)  was founded by CGPI. By adopting and collaborating with the University of Geneva’s DrAPS, which is a Doctor Program in Advanced & Professional Studies in Applied Finance with Specialization in Sustainable Asset & Wealth Management, CGPI rolled out the GSE program. It aims to cultivate global business leadership, strong social responsibility, ambitious vision and social entrepreneurship for outstanding entrepreneurs with high-end academic standards.

Program Mission

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to address the world’s most pressing challenges by leveraging social resources and creating a closed loop of social and economic values.

Strategic partner: University of Geneva

The University of Geneva, founded in 1559, is the second largest comprehensive public university in Switzerland, and is ranked 59th in the academic ranking of world universities in 2020. It enjoys an international reputation in the fields of molecular biology and bioinformatics, elementary particle physics and astrophysics, neuro-finance, and sustainable finance. There are 13 Nobel Prize winners and 3 Fields Medal winners among the previous alumni, professors and researchers, of whom Professor Didier Queloz and Michel Mayor are the 2019 Nobel Prize winners in Physics. The University of Geneva maintains close cooperation with international organizations headquartered in Geneva, such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the International Red Cross.

Program Structure

Core Modules

Reset the strategy and governance, upgrade and transformation of social enterprises under the new development pattern, and seek a new path to promote social innovation and sustainable development from the perspective of entrepreneurs.

General Elective Modules

Seize the development opportunities in the new era, conform to the general trend of national strategy, empower the close integration of business development with social purposes and revitalization goals, and create best practices of social enterprise in China.

Professional Qualification Modules

Introduce the University of Geneva's DrAPS in Applied Finance to explore how to use financial means to solve social problems and take actions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

International Modules

Gain an understanding of the ever-changing global economic and social environment, as well as insights into climate change and industrial development trends, and be prepared for taking greater mission-driven responsibilities in the shifting international landscape.

Who should attend?

Successful entrepreneurs focusing on sustainable development

Influential investors exploring the purpose of capital

New business leaders seeking social values

Wealthy individuals who want to leave their legacies