Shenzhen Institute of international public welfare



Introduction to Global Philanthropy Leadership Program (GPL)

Based on the trend of the times and social needs, the Global Philanthropy Leadership Program (GPL) set a goal of leading for good and sustainable development. It is committed to creating the first high-end education program that combines business management and strategic philanthropy, and cultivating a group of cross-industry leaders with an international vision, sustainable development concepts and capabilities in the era of new business civilization. GPL takes new business, new public welfare, and new inheritance as the framework, and is provided with practice-oriented teaching support. It is striving to create a global, forward-looking and innovative curriculum structure, and explore the way of "business for good and sustainable development".

Curriculum features 

Unique benevolent values

Knowledgeable pattern management class

Gathering Chinese and Western wisdom

Sustainable leadership community


Teaching arrangement

The school system is 2 years, part-time learning, and adopts incentive class once every three months (3-4 days) in China. In addition, 2-3 international study tours are organized (6-10 days each time). The lecture are given in the Shenzhen and Beijing campuses of the CGPI, as well as in the mobile classrooms across the country and the world.


Certificates and qualifications

Students who complete the corresponding courses in accordance with the regulations will obtain the GPL course certificate.


Course features

Unique benevolent values

Leading sustainable development, training and partnering with a group of cross-industry leaders with international vision, sustainable development concepts and capabilities.

Knowledgeable pattern management class

Broadness, mindful of the world, and with a global pattern; erudition, knowledge update, and innovative practice; donation, practice benevolence, and continue to act.

Gathering Chinese and Western wisdom

Integrating Chinese classics and Western management, and using the mature training system of the world to promote the sustainable development of business, philanthropy, and family.

Sustainable leadership community 

The students are members of the GPL club and a series of elective, practical courses are open to them. They have the opportunity to participate in joint actions with members of the Giving Pledge founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.


Curriculum structure

G Global development:

Gain insights into new types of international relations and innovative development, and build a teaching and exchange platform with the world's top business schools, enterprises and charitable organizations based on a global perspective.

P Philanthropy innovation

Integrating Chinese and Western philanthropy culture and commercial innovation practices, and exploring the sustainable development of enterprises and charitable organizations as well as the trend of new commercial civilization.

L Leadership change

Refining top management thinking and research methods, cultivating responsible leadership changes, and creating an excellent organizational culture.


Teaching methods

Classroom teaching, case analysis, group discussions, study visits, forums and salons, global classrooms, action learning and other diversified methods. The courses are mainly taught in Chinese, while the courses in English are provided with consecutive or simultaneous interpretation.