Shenzhen Institute of international public welfare


Philanthropy Doctor of Business Administration (PDBA)

The Philanthropy Doctor of Business Administration (PDBA) is a doctoral program jointly developed by the CGPI and the Audencia Nantes School of Management, which is the first degree education program of CGPI that combines business management with philanthropy. The program takes global responsibility and sustainable development as its core values, and practice-oriented academic research as its teaching philosophy, aiming to cultivate new social leaders who is well versed in business operation logic and has a philosophy perspective.

The PDBA sustainable development program focuses on the training of senior managers. Through cooperation with leading international scholars in a challenging and supportive research community, the PDBA conceives and implements innovative and responsible business models, strategies and management practices. It is designed to train students' reflection and critical abilities through core courses, seminars, practical classrooms, and expert guidance, so as to carry out innovative and responsible changes in their organizations. Unlike the more abstract and theory-driven research and development provided by the PhD program, PDBA pays more attention to practical research, mainly selecting topics that have practical application value in institutional management, and emphasizes application and strategy. The course will integrate the academic and practical advantages of the French Nantes Higher Business and the CGPI, allowing students to concentrate on theory learning, analysis, thinking and practice in a collaborative learning environment.

The PDBA curriculum system takes doctoral core courses and thesis discussion and writing as two main lines throughout the entire learning cycle. The core courses include four modules of "management research, business strategy, innovation and change, and philanthropy development". Thesis discussion and writing involves six thesis research workshops and four thesis writing nodes. Practical courses and mobile classrooms will be interspersed in different course stages as elective courses.

The course focuses on the training of research methods and special discussions on some management disciplines. At the end of the first academic year, the course will enter the research plan evaluation stage. At the end of the third academic year, the thesis writing and defense must be completed.