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The Executive Management of Philanthropy (EMP) Program

The Executive Management of Philanthropy (EMP) Program is a leading nonprofit management and philanthropy training program created by the China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI). Its mission is to develop visionary leaders who can effect dynamic, innovative social change in China and Greater China.

The predecessor of the Program is the EMP Program co-founded by the charity education team led by Professor Wang Zhenyao and the Philanthropy School of Indiana University in October, 2013. In November, 2015, after the China Global Philanthropy Institute was founded, the Program is upgraded as the EMP Program of the institute.

Standing at the historical joint of global philanthropy transformation and upgrading and China philanthropy lively development, EMP is based on the promotion of "Philanthropic Economics" that leads wealth to goodness, building professional "philanthropic knowledge" course system, focusing on the integration of international classic examples and local charity wisdom, implementing new teaching pattern which is directed with practice and aimed at application.

China Global Philanthropy Institute EMP bases itself on the local land and integrates the eastern and western culture and experience, asking directions from world top philanthropists and global advancing philanthropy organizations, promoting society innovation and upgrading social power, building the best global philanthropic knowledge exchange network and charity investment platform, pushing to solve the most urgent social problem with professional charity solutions.