Shenzhen Institute of international public welfare

Alumni practices—alumni portrait

With philanthropy in heart, the students of the CGPI spread over the nation. In the past five years, the greatest achievement and glory of the CGPI is having gathered many alumni with a sense of mission and action. They not only witnessed and participated in the development of the CGPI, created a unique alumni community culture, but also contributed to the advancement of the industry and society.

Since its establishment five years ago, the CGPI has enrolled thousands of new philanthropists and executives of philanthropy, provided professional improvement courses for more than 4,600 industry backbones, and more than 60,000 students registered at the Philanthropy Online Academy (POA). Our alumni spread across 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) and Hong Kong, as well as 20 countries abroad.

According to incomplete statistics, the charitable actions of alumni and alumni organizations in 2019 spread all over the country and went abroad. The annual philanthropic expenditure exceeded 9.6 billion yuan, the annual donation income exceeded 11.5 billion yuan, and dozens of alumni donated more than one million yuan. In 2020, more than 80% of alumni conducted explorations in the fighting against the epidemic and the targeted poverty alleviation.