Shenzhen Institute of international public welfare

"The strength of a country depends on talents; since its establishment four years ago, the collegehas enrolled thousands of philanthropists and international charity management talents in the newera, provided professional upgrading courses for more than 3000 industry backbones, and registeredmore than 30000 students in the online school.Alumni come from 31 provinces and 18 countries.According to incomplete statistics, more than one-third of alumni have public welfare cooperation.Alumni and alumni organizations have taken public welfare actions all over the country in 2018, withannual public welfare expenditure of more than 6.6 billion yuan and annual donation income ofabout 7.8 billion yuan, benefiting more than 200 million people.

In order to better practice meituan's social enterprise strategy, more participate in and contribute tosocial development, improve the leadership and professional ability of meituan's public welfareteam, and help meituan to improve its public welfare strategy,meituan commissioned theInternational Institute of public welfare to develop and implement the consulting customized courseproject in 2019. Wang Zhenyao, founding president of the International Institute of public welfare,Jin Jinping, director of the research center of non profit organization law of Peking University, andother experts and scholars brought to the management of relevant departments of meituan thesharing and discussion of "the value and mission of charity in the era of good economy" and"Internet public welfare: from the perspective of the relationship between public welfare andbusiness" , and discussed the current progress of meituan's public welfare practice, The project ishighly recognized by meituan, and special training seminars will be carried out in the group CSR andfoundation operation.