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  • ​The 3rd East-West Philanthropists Summit Is Held in Hawaii


    ​The 3rd East-West Philanthropists Summit Is Held in Hawaii The 3rd East-West Philanthropists Summit co-sponsored by CGPI and East and West Center was held in Hawaii from January 7 to January 9. Nearly one hundred philanthropic leaders at home and abroad gathered in Honolulu to study the new challenge and opportunity for centenary philanthropy revolving around the theme of "Centenary Philanthropy, New Mission."

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  • 王振耀院长获“年度致敬”大奖


    王振耀院长获“年度致敬”大奖 “双12夜”,深圳国际公益学院照亮深圳!在南方都市报、深圳广电集团主办的第六届“责任中国公益盛典”上,“深圳国际公益学院成立”入选2015十大公益事件;院长王振耀获“年度致敬”大奖!

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  • ​Inauguration Ceremony of "China Global Philanthropy Institute", China's First of its Kind, Is Held at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on November 12​


    ​Inauguration Ceremony of The China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) was established at the initiative of five Chinese and American philanthropists, including Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Ray Dalio, Chief Investment Officer of Bridgewater Associates and Council Member of the Beijing Dali Charity Foundation; Niu Gensheng, Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Lao Niu Foundation; He Qiaonv, Chairwoman of the Qiaonv Foundation and Ye Qingjun, Honorary Chairman of the Zhejiang Dunhe Charitable Foundation.

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  • 公益慈善界应成为政府扶贫的“好帮手 ”


    公益慈善界应成为政府扶贫的“好帮手 ” 王振耀:“政府的扶贫攻坚战略对公益慈善组织而言,是千载难逢的发展机遇。公益慈善组织应该跟政府形成密切合作关系,将公益慈善组织的创新与活力展现出来,这样才能与政府形成良性互动机制,才能真正地抓住这个机遇。”

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