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  • National Foundations Being Shuffled


    National Foundations Being Shuffled The Law of Philanthropy is coming and public placement qualification is no more exclusive to foundations and charity organizations with government background. In the past two years, de-administration movement has also deprived those charity organizations with government background from their privileges.

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  • We Deeply Mourn for Philanthropist David•Rockefeller


    We Deeply Mourn for Philanthropist David•Rockefeller We deeply mourn for Mr. David•Rockefeller! The Rockefeller family has donated numerous educational and scientific research institutions such as union Medical College in nearly one hundred years in China. Mr. David•Rockefeller inherits the concept of charity of his family and uses his wealth to make contributions to the society, which can be hardly reached by others.

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  • ELP | Concept of Public Values


    ELP | Concept of Public Values Companies make revenues by selling goods and services while charity organizations design public-benefit work to get donations. Is it right for the charity organizations to do so? Is engaging in charity aimed at showing one’s love for people or realizing one’s value for society?

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  • ELP | Comprehending Globalization: Is the World Flat?


    ELP | Comprehending Globalization: Is the World Flat? How to comprehend globalization? Professor Dennis sketched a vivid picture of globalization by analyzing data of 10 major economies in the world and making charts, focusing on various elements such as export of goods, product manufacturing, foreign trade and characteristics of resource distribution.

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  • ELP | Negotiation Is like a Love Affair


    ELP | Negotiation Is like a Love Affair All courses on February 21 were given in the process of practice, proving Harvard University’s pioneering status in case teaching. The exquisite topics and clear logics of cases, and the practical means of experience brought trainees into a fantastic world of “donation psychology” and “artistic negotiations”.

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  • 2017 Executive Leadership Program


    2017 Executive Leadership Program On February 20, the first Executive Leadership Program(referred to as ELP) was officially launched at Harvard University.

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