Course Information

Date of Admission: Two-year educational system , Autumn Course start in November 2016, Spring Course start in May 2017

Locations: Beijing, Shenzhen as well as teaching & research base at home and abroad

Class Time: Attend classes for 3-4 days each month, 7-10 days of international seminar

Language of Instruction: Chinese, English(accompanying with translator)

Certificate: students shall be awarded with Diploma granted by China Global Philanthropy Institute, as well as the Certificate of Completion for independent curriculum after completing various certified programs.

Tuition and Term of Payment 

Total amount of EMP Project is RMB168,000 (including the expense of twice overseas practical courses, students charging the cost of personal transportation, food and accommodation incurred.)

Application for EMP


EMP 2016 Autumn Class

EMP 2016 Spring Class


Beijing Class/ Shenzhen Class

Beijing Class/ Shenzhen Class

Starting Date

November 2016

May 2017

Deadline of Registration

October. 12, 2016

April. 22, 2017

Date of Interview

September-October, 2016

March-April, 2017

Result Notification

Within 15 business days after interviewing

Within 15 business days after interviewing

Note: International Charity Management EMP runs all year, rolling basis admissions, with the interview schedule depending on the time you put forwarding your Entry Form. We sincerely suggest you to submit your materials as soon as possible. 

Application Documents Preparation
If there were any enrolling inquiries, please contact:

Teacher Wang: 18510509075    Teacher Ye: 15210951090emp@cgpi.org.cn

Please fill in the Entry Form, scan your Card, copy of Degree Certificate and ID card, 2-inch identification photo, sending e-mail to emp@cgpi.org.cn.

Document Verification 

Upon submitting full set of application documents, please patiently wait for the application qualification evaluation through China Global Philanthropy Institute, after being approved by the admission Department, notify you to enter into interview process. 

Recruitment Intervie

There shall be interview during EMP class enrollment, primarily checking the public welfare experience, class demand and public welfare program of the applicant.

Comprehensive Review

On the basis of enrollment details and interview, Admission Review Members shall choose the best applications in accordance with the public welfare experience, class demand and public welfare program of the applicant, as well as presenting notification within 15 working days. 

Admission Entrance 

Upon receiving the Letter of Admission, please handle with the tuition fees and admission procedures in accordance with the relevant stipulation of China Global Philanthropy Institute.