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DBA Freshman Style Jiang Ying: Women engaged in public welfare are both tender and strong, warm and rational

  Jiang Ying, deputy secretary-general of China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, and student of DBA2020 of China Global Philanthropy Institute

  Jiang Ying excels at the social media platform construction, resource integration, and brand project communication of foundations, and has been actively exploring social innovation, big data mining and management. She is responsible for the platform communication and medical related work in the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (CCAFC). This lady has been exploring and building various public fundraising platforms for the CCAFC, creating a new model for public participation in philanthropy, and establishing a fully transparent platform between philanthropy projects and the public. The platform shows the progress of philanthropy, puts transparency and openness first, making it easier for the public to engage in philanthropy, and spreading love in daily good deeds.

  While doing her job well, Jiang Ying also maintains the momentum of continuous learning, combining theory with practice. During the DBA course—Sustainable Development and Philanthropy of China Global Philanthropy Institute, she expressed her hope to conduct researches on the fundraising methods of China's public-raising foundations, including corporate fundraising, public fundraising, and innovative fundraising.

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