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Wan Fei, an EMP student 0 domestic violence, and prop up a blue sky for you

  Wan Fei has been working as a police officer for 30 years. Why he devotes himself to anti-domestic violence? For this issue of EMP story, we will share with you the philanthropy story of Wan Fei, a new student in the EMP2020 spring class (13th term) and the president of the LTX Women and Children's Rights Protection Association in Jianli County, Hubei Province.

  As a policeman of the Legal Unit of the Public Security Bureau of Jianli County, Wan Fei has been in contact with a large number of domestic violence cases in the past 30 years. He found that the core problem of domestic violence was the difficulty for the victims seeking help. As the initiator of the LTX Women and Children's Rights Protection Association in Jianli County (referred to as LTX), Wan Fei receives requests for help from victims of domestic violence on WeChat every day. Over the past four years since the launch of the anti-domestic violence project "0 Domestic Violence", the closer to the victims of domestic violence, the heavier Wan Fei found the burden on his shoulder was.

  In order to solve the difficulty of seeking help for domestic violence, the "0 Domestic Violence" project has explored the linkage mechanism of "Women's Federation + Public Security + Social Organization + X", which becomes what Wan Fei is trying to accomplish after his 50s.

  Transfer from the police circle to the philanthropy world

  In 1989, Wan Fei graduated from the Criminology Department of East China University of Political Science and Law and joined the Public Security Bureau of Jianli County, Hubei Province, becoming the first batch of basic-level legal police officers in China's public security organs. He has been engaged in law enforcement for a long time, and the awareness of rules has penetrated into his blood.

  “I like to ponder. When finding a problem, I will think about possible solutions and try them one by one. If these solutions were effective, my source of happiness opened up." Wan Fei enjoys solving social problems and embarked on the road of social work for the victims of domestic violence, left-behind children, orphans and other aided groups to get out of the plight.

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