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CGPI Alumni in Action | Direct Admission & Free Tuition for Children of Frontline Medical Staff

  A battle against NCP outbreak has started nationwide. Life is of paramount importance. Many CGPI alumni and their organizations have been supporting to fight against the novel coronavirus infection and contribute to winning epidemic prevention and control.

  Three basic education schools of Guangzhou Gaoxin Education Group where Zhang Tianpei (alumnus of Class EMP6) serves as President - Sichuan Zigong Hengchuan Experimental School, Jiangxi Ganzhou Dayu Hengshui Experimental School, and Zhejiang Jiaxing Pinghu Hangzhou Bay Experimental School - have respectively announced on the same day that children of frontline medical staff will enjoy direct admission of enrollment in 2020 with waived tuition fees within study period.

  Those who can enjoy free tuition in Zigong Hengchuan Experimental School and Pinghu Hangzhou Bay Experimental School include the children of frontline medical staff who have participated in treating NCP patients and who have supported Hubei medical teams in the designated hospitals approved by the health department and announced by provincial headquarters. Those who can enjoy free tuition in Dayu Hengshui Experimental School are the children of all medical staff who have supported Hubei from the 18 counties and cities in southern Jiangxi approved by the health department.

  For this measure, Zhang Tianpei said: “faced with the epidemic outbreak, we cannot fight in the front line like medical staff, and there is not much we can do. We just want to do our best to help them educate their children, helping them to be people with all-embracing love and responsibility like their parents.”

  It is learnt that these three K12 schools are all private schools sponsored by Guangzhou Gaoxin Education Group, having good reputation in the local areas.

  As long as we are united as one, we will surely win this battle against the epidemic!

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