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Xu Zhipeng organizing Shiyi Group to rush to the rescue of Lekima-stricken areas immediately

Affected by Typhoon “Lekima” (No. 9) this year, torrential rains fell in most areas of Weifang. After the rainstorm, Tanfang Town and Dongxia Town in Qingzhou were particularly seriously stricken, where severe waterlogging occurred in some farmlands and urban areas, and part water conservancy projects, roads and bridges were destroyed, which brought great difficulties to the local people’s production and life. Due to the serious waterlogging, disaster relief equipment, like water pumps, water pipes, generators and so on, is in urgent need in disaster areas.

Learning about the current situation of the disaster areas, Shiyi Group joined hands with Channel FM107 Weifang traffic broadcasting, to purchase large quantities of relief supplies instantly based on the needs of the areas, including 70 new high-power pumps and mating water pipes and cables.

On August 15, Shiyi Group, together with 107 Traffic Radio, organized a disaster relief team to send the relief supplies to the governments of Tanfang Town and Dongxia Town in Qingzhou. After the unification and integration, the supplies were handed out to the typhoon-stricken people to ensure that the relief supplies played a timely role and help the people reinstate production as soon as possible.

People have sympathy for each other despite the merciless disaster. Shiyi Group and people in the disaster areas will work together with one heart to build their homes!

Under the leadership of Chairman Xu Zhipeng, Shiyi Group has always participated in philanthropies, pursuing kindness in business and giving back to the society. Standing towering in the world by virtue of kindness, Shiyi people always keep in mind “benevolence and beneficence” and carry forward the code throughout their conducts.

In 2019, Mr. Xu Zhipeng became member of the GPL (Global Philanthropy Leaders Program) of Global Philanthropy Institute and donated 10 million yuan to set up “International Center for the Inheritance and Studies of Intangible Cultural Heritage”. During the first five years of cooperation, Mr. Xu will be devoted to building a platform for training, research and communication to realize the in-depth link of the East and West philanthropic culture, which will help the development of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage industry and promote the integration of public welfare and commerce.

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