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Zhuang Zhi serving as advisory board member of Global HR & Organization Innovation Center, Emlyon Business School, France

On August 16, 2019, Global HR & Organization Innovation Center, Emlyon Business School, France, was established in Shanghai. Nearly 100 professors and scholars from Emlyon Business School, domestic leading brand builders of human resources services, and top human resources managers from leading global and domestic enterprises, gathered to witness the important historical moment in the field of human resources. Zhuangzhi, trainee of EMP2017 autumn class, Chairman and CEO of Engma Group, became one of the advisory board members of the Center, who had deep interactions with outstanding scholars in the industry and senior corporate executives.

To build the world’s leading think tank for human resources and organization research, Global HR & Organization Innovation Center, Emlyon Business School, focuses on the main trend of population aging, artificial intelligence and digital revolution, explores such frontline topics as organization development, employer brand, leadership, talent management, compensation & benefit, human resources service market and so on by building an integrated ecosystem of production, learning and research and cultivates leading talents of human resources management and entrepreneurs in human resources service industry with global vision and innovative ability.


Global HR & Organization Innovation Center, Emlyon Business School, invites experts and researchers in the fields of human resources management, career and employability management, employer brand and corporate culture to participate in the project research and lectures of the Centre. The projects are set up for investigating and surveying the problems in organization development, career management, employability management and development, human resources science and technology, employer brand, and human resources service industry at the current stage. Making full use of Emlyon Business School’s professionalism in the field of human resources and organization, the Center will create an open research and innovation platform where leading scholars and enterprise executives in related fields of human resources can have deep interaction.

Being the pioneer, explorer and practicer in the field of human resources outsourcing services in China, Engma Group has penetrated more and more industries, from such manufacturing industries as electronics and electrics, loading and transportation, petrochemical industry, to such service industries as the Internet, commercial retail, fast moving consumer goods and catering, medical and medical beauty, bank securities, logistics and warehousing, from traditional industries to emerging industries.

At the event, the world’s first large-scale research report in the field of human resources science and technology, Global Trends of Human Resources Science and Technology in 2020, was officially released. Systematically introducing the scientific and technological trend and its earthshaking impact on the global field of future human resources management, the report provides the cutting-edge insight and directional guidance for the successful transformation of human resources management in global enterprises.

The development of science and technology has completely changed each individual and organization and human resource management is undergoing an unprecedented great change and thorough reform. New economics, like shared economy, industry 4.0, Internet of Things, and new technologies, like cloud technology, big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, are changing the business environment and mode at an unprecedented speed, which produces a huge impact on the management of traditional enterprises. New technologies, just like the combustion promotor, are promoting the occurrence of changes and metabolism of the business world, and causing the disappearance of many old business patterns and the birth of new ones. The dramatic changes in the business environment have led to unprecedented challenges for the future development of traditional human resources management models and theories. It is science and technology that is the most important force driving the reform of global human resources management.

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