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Lin Minming Sees the Predicament of Prisoners’ Children

Recently, Opinions on Further Strengthening the Work of Safeguarding Factually Unsupported Children (hereinafter referred to the Opinions) was jointly issued by 12 authorities, including the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Finance. In addition to the serious illness and disability of the parents, the Opinion explicitly includes in the scope of protection the children of persons who have served prison sentences, been subjected to compulsory isolation for drug rehabilitation, or been subjected to other measures restricting personal freedom, which is a key breakthrough in the Opinion of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. 


On July 10, 2019, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a special press conference on the policy of factually unsupported children. Gao Xiaobing, member of the Party group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and vice minister, stressed that the Ministry of Civil Affairs has the responsibilities and obligations to strengthen the assistance to such minors, which has become the consensus of the whole society. At the same time, to strengthen the care of the underage children of the prisoners can also relieve the worries of the prisoners from the source, which can help the prisoners feel the warmth of the society, the care of their parents, the warmth of the human world, encouraging them to serve their sentences with peace of mind, undertake actively reform, return to society and their family at an early date, and shoulder the legal responsibility of guardianship and care for their children again. With the expiration of the parents' sentences and the restoration of their guardianship, the assurance will be terminated according to the prescribed conditions. 

Lin Minming is an instructor of Fujian Provincial Judicial Police Training Corps. He has been a policeman for nearly 20 years. The police officers in Fujian's each prison may become his trainees if they go to the brigade for training. Lin Minming is strict with the trainees. The trainees all called him Mr. Lin or Lin Sir. 

He is also one of the sponsors of Fujian Educational Assistance Association. The association also has another name called Red Apple Philanthropy, the association uniformly produced clothes printed with a smiling face of the red apple, "like a child's red face." They provide educational, psychological and legal assistance to the minor children of special families such as prisoners. 

Some children have seen police handcuffed to their relatives when they were young, thus they trembled at the sight of uniforms, badges and police cars when they grow up. Lin Minming hung a blue-gray bear doll on the Association's work clothes. He asked the child: "Uncle Bear is a cop, too. Are you scared?" 

In June 2014, Red Apple Philanthropy was officially registered and established. So far, 12 prison education assistance centers have been established, with more than 800 registered volunteers, nearly 70 percent of whom are police officers. 

In 2005, the Ministry of Justice carried out a study on "Basic Problems of Underage Children of Prisoners". The statistics showed that there are more than 600,000 underage children of prisoners nationwide, many of whom have lost their livelihood. More than 90 percent have not received any form of social assistance. Of the total number of underage criminals in the country, half are children of prisoners. 

Prior to the establishment of Red Apple Philanthropy, more than one prison police officer mentioned to Lin Minming the predicament of the children of prisoners. One night in 2012, a group of prison police officers, who were training at the police training corps, gathered around Lin Minming, talking about the feasibility of helping the children of prisoners. By that time, Lin had been involved in philanthropy activities for more than three years, and had spent thousands of hours volunteering. 

"I was 'picked' up by them," Lin Minming recalled, "So, I took the lead to do this thing." 


As of December 2017, "Red Apple Philanthropy" has assisted more than 3,360 people, and the assistance for the underage children of prisoners has covered 322 counties and cities across the country; 35 drop-out children were saved. To date, there have been no school dropouts or crimes among the 1,473 minors on the register; None of the more than 140 ex-prisoners who were released from prison after their help has committed further crimes. 

It was Lin Minming who worked tirelessly, regardless of his personal gain or loss, and his efforts met with a response, so that many underage children of special families such as prisoners became more sunny, more optimistic and more hopeful. and Red Apple Philanthropy's "Care and Aid" rescue model for underage children of needy families of prisoners also received the attention and affirmation of the government and all sectors of society. 



Red apple Philanthropy's "Care and Aid" project for helping underage children from needy families of prisoners won the 10th "China Charity Award" honorary title 

On September 13, 2018, the "China Charity Award", the highest award in the field of philanthropy in China, was presented by the Ministry of Civil Affairs at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. 49 philanthropy projects, including Red Apple Philanthropy "Care and Aid" project for helping underage children from needy families of prisoners won the 10th "China Charity Award" honorary title. 

The Red Apple Philanthropy winning the title of "Philanthropy Project" reflects that the government and all sectors of society fully affirm the "Care and Aid" rescue model for the underage children from needy families of prisoners, and it is precisely because of these concerns and approvals that the Association has confidence in more regularization and help more underage children from needy families of prisoners. 

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