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China Mr. Toilet -- Qian Jun: “Feces Fighting” to Improve Human Toilet Environment

Qian Jun 

    Founder of Kunshan Yuting Foundation, he obtained the certificate of Executive Management of Philanthropy (EMP) of China Philanthropy Research Institute, and was the first-period member of Global Philanthropy Leaders (GPL) of China Global Philanthropy Institute. 

   Once he was a successful entrepreneur, devoted himself to philanthropy and founded the Kunshan Yuting Foundation in 2014. With the vision of "striving for the improvement of human toilet environment" and the mission of "paying attention to public health and toilet culture", he promoted the toilet revolution in China.


Original will: What is the value of living? 

Prior to being engaging in philanthropy, Qian Jun was a successful entrepreneur, engaged in logistics, catering, finance, and doing business "smoothly". In 2011, he was diagnosed with a tumor. "I was a hard worker in business and often worked until dawn," he said. "This tumor made me wonder what is the meaning to strive for these things every day, and what's the value of living?" 

He and his wife are devout Buddhists. "My wife and I made a vow in front of Buddha to do something for the others, and we planned to do something for the philanthropy in the future." People always think that the future is still very long, what they want to do can be done later, this tumor stimulated Qian Jun immediate action. 

Although it was later found that the tumor was benign, his determination to do the philanthropy remained unshaken. As a native of Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, Qian Jun cooperated with the Kunshan Civil Affairs Bureau and the Charity Federation. The charitable organizations provided projects, all he needed to do was donate money to support them. 

Vision: Feces Fighting to Improve Human Toilet Environment 


Experience has taught Qian Jun that the inspiration for creation does not come out of nowhere. It always rises abruptly based on its accumulated strength. In September 2013, at the invitation of Wang Zhenyao, Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute and China Global Philanthropy Institute, Qian Jun went north to study Executive Management of Philanthropy. During his study, he was an extremely curious student. "I am greatly impacted by communicating with the senior philanthropy professionals at home and abroad, and taking a series of well-designed courses on philanthropy management." 

Inspiration came unexpectedly, as Qian Jun had hoped. "In one class, Dean Wang Zhenyao said that space shuttles made in China can go up to the sky and the Jiaolong submersible can go to the deep sea, but we lack attention to details, such as the lack of toilet paper in many toilets in China." Wang Zhenyao repeatedly mentioned the domestic toilet, only Qian Jun remembered it. 

International attention to toilets started early. In 2001, the World Toilet Organization was established, which is devoted to the global toilet culture, advocating the clean, comfortable and healthy toilets. It is estimated that one in three people in the world does not have a toilet to use, and that 2 million lives are lost each year because of lack of access to proper public health facilities. "As soon as I heard that there is no special organization in China to study toilet problems and toilet culture, which is related to the level of social civilization." Qian Jun decided to start a foundation around the "toilet". 

In April 2014, Kunshan Yuting Foundation was established. As the first non-public foundation dedicated to toilet philanthropy in China, Qian Jun has a clear goal of "focusing on public health and toilet culture." 

Actions: A toilet revolution in China 

Qian Jun decided to start with a small incision called "free toilet paper". "Toilet revolution" is not only about changing the fate of dirty, disorderly and bad hardware, but also about the promotion and cultivation of civilized toilet habits. "Primary school students are most likely to develop good living habits and hygiene habits," the foundation decided to provide free eco-friendly toilet paper for primary schools. 


In October 2014, the Yuting Foundation allocated 200,000 yuan to install toilet paper boxes in 162 toilets and 736 squatting positions in five primary schools in Kunshan, benefiting more than 10,000 teachers and students from the regular distribution of free toilet paper. 

However, unconditional and permanent free access is unsustainable and unaffordable for the foundation. To this end, Qian Jun came up with a method that later proved to be effective: conditional free supply of paper. 

The foundation has signed agreements with schools stipulating that the cost of public toilet paper in the first year will be covered in full by the foundation, but from the second year onwards, the cost of toilet paper will be financed by the school itself. Good habits are required to be developed first. From the next year on, almost all schools have ensured that toilet papers are provided free of charge through self-financing. 


Civilization advocacy: China's first toilet culture research center

As an entrepreneur, Qian Jun has a higher vision. In December 2014, Yuting Foundation initiated the establishment of the first toilet culture research center in China to study the humanistic design of toilets. In 2015, the Toilet Culture Research Center in conjunction with the China Global Philanthropy Institute and the China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, established a platform for the exchange of toilet culture. To provide more practical and economical options for addressing today's toilet challenges and future sustainable development, while at the same time promoting the incorporation of toilet issues into industry and national socio-economic and environmental development policies and developing relevant standards. 

Yu Ting has hosted many important toilet activities, including the first China Toilet Expo in 2016, the World Toilet Revolution Conference in Xi'an in March 2018, and the Toilet Revolution Seminar of the Ministry of Education in 2018. 

Qian Jun, who completed the "Global Philanthropy Leaders Program" with the China Global Philanthropy Institute in 2016, was interviewed by Mr. Gates, who said, "What impressed me most is the thinking mode of considering issues and human well-being at a world-class level." 

Inheritance: The word "Yuting" comes from the name of Qian Jun's children. 

Many people are curious about the name of the foundation. The word "Yuting" is actually coming from the name of Qian Jun's children. "I said to my children, put your names in it, even if you don't want to carry on the public toilets in the future, I hope you will pass on the philanthropy from generation to generation, this is the greatest wealth I leave to you." 

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