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Fu Changbo

Procurator and Professor of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Beijing Normal University, Director and Editor-in-chief of Social Governance Periodical Office.

Professor Fu Changbo graduated from Remin University of China, Doctor of Journalism and Communication. The research direction is social governance and society construction, public communication, non-profitable organization management, public welfare charity and Family legacy.

Professor Fu Changbo once worked for People’s Daily for 13 years, being in charge of in-depth reporting and confidential reference items reporting; worked for Qinzhou People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, being in charge of education, health, civil affairs, poverty relief, women and children’s rights, welfare of the disabled and environmental protection, security production supervision, food and drug supervision and others; working in Shanghai World Expo Committee for 1 year, being in charge of the public service affairs during the Expo operation; working for central organizations for four years, being in charge of information publication and news transmission and others.

Professor Fu Changbo devoted to the promotion of social governance innovation for a long time, fully play the role of various social organizations, promoting the formation of the social governance pattern with diversified participation and co-construction and sharing. Published News Consensus Supervision Theory--Concept, Basis and Regulations and others, once held multiple national social science fund special entrusted courses and provincial significant research course.