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Social Enterprise: Building up Business to Do Good, Improve Enterprise Social Value


Jingshi Philanthropy Seminar Series (Issue 51)

Social Enterprise: Building up Business to Do Good, Improve Enterprise Social Value


Introduction to Event

In recent years, with the emerging of social innovation, technological innovation, and financial innovation and under the guidance of the concept of shared value, enterprises have gradually begun to shoulder more and more public social service functions, which is consistent with the recent trend that public service organizations adopt commercial means to provide public social services. The boundary between public charity and commerce is gradually being blended, so as to create social enterprises of shared value, which will become a new way for future commerce to realize business innovation and sustainable development.

U.S. is a global leader in the field of social enterprise. B-Lab, founded in 2006, is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to driving the whole world to do business for the greater good. Through the setup of B-Corporation certification system, the organization aims to redefine commercial success, so that all enterprises not only strive to become “the best enterprises in the world” but also turn into “the enterprises that exist for a better world.” At present, a total of 2,076 enterprises from 50 countries covering 130 industries have passed B-Corp certification, including famous enterprises like Patagonia.

By now, 4 social enterprises from Mainland China have passed B-Corp certification, namely, First Respond, Singbee Led, Gunghopizza, and People’s Architecture Office (PAO).




Lu Jun, COO from First Respond

Jade Gray, Co-founder of Gunghopizza

Zang Feng, Designer of People’s Architecture Office / People’s Industrial Design Office, Co., Ltd.

Time: 21 April 2017, 19:00 p.m. ~ 21:00 p.m.

Venue: Conference Room 6, Floor 3, Jingshi Hotel, Beijing Normal University

Registration: Please click below Click to Register(http://lxi.me/28pt4)

Introduction to Guests

1. Lu Jun, COO of First Respond

Lu received a MBA from China Europe International Business School and a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Lu is an AHA-certified basic life support mentor, a WMA-certified offshore emergency medical care wild save guard, and a golden entrepreneurship program lecturer from First Respond, with more than 10 years of work experience at Fortune 500 companies. For three consecutive years, Lu participated in first-aid safeguard project and helped more than 100,000 people. He has participated in/safeguarded the following large events/activities: Shanghai International Marathon, Wuxi International Marathon, The Xuan Road Gobi Challenge, Shanghai International Triathlon, etc.

First Respond is one of the first batch of certified social enterprises in China, as well as the first certified B-Corp enterprise in Mainland China. By 10 April 2017, Marathons – more than 900,000 competitors spanning 204 contests from 29 cities have been safeguarded, and 11 patients with sudden cardiac arrest have been saved; first-aid training – more than 90,000 adults and children have been served; enterprise emergency self-rescue SOS system – more than 100 companies have been served, including Alibaba, Colioffice, etc. First Respond ® is one of the first batch of certified social enterprises in China and the first certified B-Corp from Mainland China in the world.

2. Jade Gray, Founder of Gunghopizza

Jade first came to China from New Zealand in 1996. In 2000, Gungho food & beverage group was founded. At present, the group owns several successful food & beverage brands, including Gunghopizza and Pyro Pizza. Jade received double major in marketing and Chinese from University of Otago. He used to work for China Advisory Board of the Government of New Zealand.  

Gunghopizza won “Readers’ Choice” award from City Weekend magazine for three years in a row. In all kinds of awards printed on the magazine for the past years, the brand has always won awards including “Best Service” and “Best Takeout Food”. Gunghopizza insists on sustainable development as its business mode and strives to satisfy the needs of their customers nowadays without prejudice against the later generations. It sticks to the principle of triple bottom line and achieves the goal of sustainable development. The following three aspects are given consideration: profit (enterprise operation situation), people (influence on their own teams and all possible connections), and the earth (impact on the environment).

3. Zang Feng, Designer of People’s Architecture Office / People’s Industrial Design Office, Co., Ltd.

Zang Feng was born in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. He graduated from the Graduate Center of Architecture of Peking University, with a master’s degree in architecture. In 2010, he founded People’s Architecture Office and People’s Industrial Design Office, Co., Ltd., together with He Zhe and James Shen.

The PAO team includes planners, architects, designers, and engineers, who are from both home and abroad, with international educational background and work experience. PAO has designed for hutong residents a type of “house in house” prefabricated modular construction system – inner-box courtyard, and has successively won “Low Cost Residence” Jury Award  and “Small Residence” Public Award in Architizer A+Award of New York, USA, Germany’s Reddot, World Architecture Festival “New & Old,” Archmarathon and other such key international awards.

Guest Hosts

Zhao Meng, Associate Professor of School of Business of Renmin University and Academic Director of Yunus Social Enterprises and Micro-finance Research Center

Professor Zhao received a doctoral degree in management from Said Business School of Oxford University and later on did post-doc research at Stanford Business School and PACS. Professor Zhao used to be a Research Fellow at Skovos – Ernest & Young Emerging Economies Research Institute, Visiting Researcher at Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, Doctoral Researcher at Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship of Oxford University, and Founding Partner of Youth Business Development Competition. Research areas include system reform and system innovation, adoptive strategies of multinational corporations in new economies, social innovation strategy in commerce, organizational values, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and micro finance.

Aside from research and teaching, Zhao Meng has also long been engaged in practical work to push forward the development of social enterprises in China. Professor Zhao has also been providing consulting service for many social enterprises both home and abroad. Professor Zhao has also long been the judge of key international social venture competitions including GSVC, Aspen – Yale University Social Venture Competition and so on.


China Global Philanthropy Institute

The Institute was founded by five Chinese and American philanthropists, namely, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonv, and Ye Qingjun. The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute is Ma Weihua who is former President of China Merchants Bank. The Dean is Professor Wang Zhenyao from Beijing Normal University. The Institute is devoted to promoting the development of public charity in both China and the world, improving the professionalism of public charity education, strengthening international exchange and cooperation in public charity and philanthropy, and pushing forward the reform and innovation of global public charity and philanthropy.

China Philanthropy Research Institute

Under the vision of philanthropy driving social progress, China Philanthropy Research Institute is based on philanthropic research, uses public education, public exchange and initiation as its platform, and sees public charity consulting services as its driving force. The Institute develops domestic and international exchange and cooperation, cultivates professional public charity talents, promotes the establishment of new knowledge production mode in public charity industry, and propels the establishment and development modern philanthropic system in China. China Philanthropy Research Institute carries out work in four areas, namely, public charity research and application, public education and training, public exchange and initiation, public charity consulting and services.


Public Finance and Social Innovation Center of China Global Philanthropy Institute 

In May 2016, China Global Philanthropy Institute established Public Finance and Social Innovation Center. The Center focuses on pushing forward public financial innovation, perfecting modern financial system, innovating public financial tools, advocating the concept of “good economy”, and leading the development of public charity industry. As a public financial think-tank, the Center researches on domestic and international public financial innovation cases, sets up a public financial case library, develops courses in public finance, cultivates talents in public finance. At present, the Center has four research concentrations, namely, impact investment and bonds, philanthropic micro finance and green finance, public trust, social enterprise and social innovation.


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