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Pro Bono and Career Life


Jingshi Philanthropy Seminar Series (Issue 140) – Volunteer Service

Pro Bono and Career Life

Introduction to Event

Philanthropy is a quite popular topic in modern life that cannot be avoided. The believers, skeptics and unbelievers of philanthropy will not change their opinions on it. We can ignore philanthropy. But we cannot ignore the surrounding environment of survival.

In 2016, the Law of Philanthropy has empowered the philanthropy. Since then, social organizations, in particular philanthropy funds, have been established in large quantity. Nevertheless, in the World Donation Index, China Donation Index stands at only 11% and volunteer service rate at 4%, placing China in the backward position. Apart from immigrating and complaining, what else should we do as the employed people?

Peng Yan, who once worked in academic community for 8 years, in a foreign company for 3 years, in funding organization for 3 years and in international organization as top executive for 10 years, will share with you her idea about how Pro Bono helps boost career life; and about the 5W2H Pro Bono. Together with you, she will also ask why, who and what.


Guest: Peng Yan

Time: 7 April, 2017, 02:30 p.m. ~ 04:30 p.m.

Venue: 1012A Jingshi Hotel, Beijing Normal University

Registration: Please click below Click to Register (http://lxi.me/kpwhe)

Introduction to Guests

Peng Yan, Joint Founder, Beijing Boneng Volunteer & Philanthropy Foundation

Since 1995, Ms. Peng started to engage in environmental protection in the field of sustainable development and social development field. She once worked as department head in China’s and overseas research institution and think tank and multinational company. She also worked as principal of international non-profit organization’s China and East Asia branch, and Board of Directors of domestic philanthropy body. She is the Founding Member of Center for Civil Society Studies, Peking University. She has spearheaded a few projects in environmental protection, poverty alleviation and energy. Besides, Ms. Peng has planned, designed and evaluated the special fields in water resource management and social gender, etc. Expert in expanding dialogue space and establishing partnership mechanism, she has established TRUST partnership model and tried to verify the model in air quality management, green freight, and low-carbon city development in China. At present, she works as the Independent Consultant for Global Smart Freight Center and China Green Freight Campaign Expert Panel while pushing forward Pro Bono in China.

Resume: Senior Specialist in Global Smart Freight Center (since 2015); first Supervisor of C40, East Asia (2013-2015); Supervisor of China Air Asia, China (2005-2012); Project Officer in DFID, Department of Environment and Sustainable Livelihoods; and Principal of ERM Department of Laws and Social Strategies.

Education: Bachelor and Master in Law, Peking University; Graduated from the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies; Full-scholarship Program in Toronto University in Canada; Visiting Scholar to Toronto University and York University


China Global Philanthropy Institute

The Institute was founded by five Chinese and American philanthropists, namely, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonv, and Ye Qingjun. The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute is Ma Weihua who is former President of China Merchants Bank. The Dean is Professor Wang Zhenyao from Beijing Normal University. The Institute is devoted to promoting the development of public charity in both China and the world, improving the professionalism of public charity education, strengthening international exchange and cooperation in public charity and philanthropy, and pushing forward the reform and innovation of global public charity and philanthropy.

China Philanthropy Research Institute

Under the vision of philanthropy driving social progress, China Philanthropy Research Institute is based on philanthropic research, uses public education, public exchange and initiation as its platform, and sees public charity consulting services as its driving force. The Institute develops domestic and international exchange and cooperation, cultivates professional public charity talents, promotes the establishment of new knowledge production mode in public charity industry, and propels the establishment and development modern philanthropic system in China. China Philanthropy Research Institute carries out work in four areas, namely, public charity research and application, public education and training, public exchange and initiation, public charity consulting and services.


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