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Good Governance and Financing——How to Develop and Maintain Donor Relations through the Council


Jingshi Philanthropy Seminar Series, No.125 (the 3rd PWC non-profit organization management training program)

Good Governance and Financing——How to Develop and Maintain Donor Relations through the Council

- What is the relationship between fund performance and organizational governance of the non-profit organization?
What kind of council can make the donors trust a non-profit organization?
What is the role and function of the council in financing?
How should the members of the council support financing?
How to build a council that will contribute to the development of donor relations?

Strengthening the role of the council is conducive to strengthening the long-term stability, efficiency and flexibility of the organization, and the good performance of the council was crucial for the organization to gain sustained support from the donors.

PWC China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University invited you to participate in the "PWC non-profit organization management training program" training in June 30, 2016 (Thursday) afternoon.

This training is committed to allow the participants to learn the best practices of council operation to better enhance the credibility of the organization, develope donor resources, maintain donor relations, and thus improve financing performance and more effectively achieve the mission.
Participate in the training, and you may have a chance to get a "mentor" and "governance book"!

After the training, PWC and China Philanthropy Research Institute will jointly elect up to 10 institutions to participate in the mentor program. Mentor program is a continuation of the training, each selected institution will be paired with 2 instructors (consisted of PWC senior staffs and the experts from China Philanthropy Research Institute), in the next 4-6 months, the mentors will assist the selected organizations to deeply solute their current problems by methods as consulting, providing tool resources, the problems will not be limited to the governing Council area of the training, the mentor program application form will be issued to the participants after the training.

In addition, organizations that have urgent need in actively participated in the training and comprehensive promote council capacity will have the chance to get the “management book” developed by China Philanthropy Research Institute.

Training location: Beijing Hall, 26th floor, A base, Beijing Fortune Center office building, East Third Ring Road No. 7, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Training objects: Principal, council members and senior staffs of non-profit organizations
Number: 60 
Charge: Free

Please complete the registration before 23:00 June 22, 2016, staffs from the same organization please register separately. We will confirm by e-mail with you within 3 working days after successful registration.
Registration: Click on the registration button below.

Gao Yang
PWC China real estate industry consulting service partner in charge, and PWC innovation and business consulting services partner in charge

Since worked in PWC in 2001, he accumulated 14 years of operating experience in international corporate governance, committed to the rational design of enterprise internal control to meet the needs of enterprise management and compliance requirements at the same time, and help the customers to improve the effectiveness of risk management and internal control management. Mr. Gaoyang led the project team to assist customers in the construction of corporate governance, business processes, and internal control, maintenance related to information construction as well as risk prevention, early warning, monitoring and reporting related to risk management, and internal control consulting or auditing related to financial statements.

Cheng Fen
Director of China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, Executive Director of Philanthropy Management Teaching and Research Section of China Global Philanthropy Institute

Cheng Fen joined China Philanthropy Research Institute in 2013 and conducted research projects with respect to the transparency and credibility, internal governance, global trend of philanthropy and family philanthropy of the philanthropy industry, developed the Council Manual series and successfully hosted a series of lectures, workshops and training courses.  

Has worked in the public service, charity consulting research institutions and served as the supervisor of private non enterprise organizations, private charitable projects and special fund committee members.

Joint sponsor
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