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Jingshi Philanthropy Seminar Series Keep Watch on Rural Education


Jingshi Philanthropy Seminar Series Keep Watch on Rural Education

Introduction of Activities

In recent years, the gap between urban and rural areas is growing bigger and bigger and problems such as resource misallocation gradually becomes a highlight because preferential policies support and talents gather in urban areas. Among these problems, rural education is the first to be affected. Under the background of the urban-rural dual structure, the education problems in rural area are faced with widespread pain and helplessness, which also draws the attention of the whole society and makes them reflect.

In the early 20th century, Yan Yangchu, China's education ideologist and "Father of the Civilian Education" initiated the rural education movement. He set a life goal to be dedicated in civilian education and rural reconstruction due to his teaching experience on Chinese laborers abroad in the French battlefield. Confucianism's people-centered idea, the model of missionaries and the hardships of the people and intelligence from the whole world become the source of his thought throughout his life. His story also accumulates strength for later generations.

Today, inspired by his spirit, there are still many enterprises and persons who pay attention to and support the rural education in remote areas, including of Jack Ma's individual "Village Teachers Plan," "Candlelight Action" of New Oriental, etc. Among them, the philanthropy program "One School, One Dream" initiated by Beijing Gratitude Foundation helps rural schools create a localized social support platform by means of "help children in your hometown" to continue good forces of the rural education with practical action. Their adherence only will make more children's dream of a "poetry and distant place" future possible.

The honored guest of Jingshi Philanthropy Seminar Series in this period, Zhou Jian, Founder and President of Beijing Gratitude Foundation is invited to share his adherence and thinking in the philanthropy road for you. Mr. Zhou holds the post of comment author and columnist of public policy and philanthropy for many media. In May 2016, Zhou Jianyu, Ye Fu and Yang Lixin and so on have jointly initiated the public philanthropy action of "One School, One Dream" in Beijing Gratitude Foundation.

As of September 2016, "One School, One Dream"has helped 15 provinces and cities, 87 schools, 1272 rural teachers and 14953 students realize their dreams.

Introduction of Guest

Zhou Jian He is an activist and columnist. He is also the Founder and President of Beijing Gratitude Foundation and comment author and columnist of public policy and philanthropy for many media, like Financial Times, Southern Urban Daily, Beijing News, China Youth News and PhoenixNet, etc. He has ten-year front-line experience of planning and management of philanthropy projects and corporate social responsibility and has participated in many domestic disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction work. He devotes himself in underprivileged children and post-disaster reconstruction field to help weak groups to establish the platform of social capital and restore confidence of life.


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