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The First Lecture of CGPI Philanthropy Seminar Series Starts!​


The First Lecture of CGPI Philanthropy Seminar Series Starts!

The first lecture of CGPI Philanthropy Seminar Series held by China Global Philanthropy Institute has begun in Shenzhen Qianhai Youth Dream Works on the evening of September 23. Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI), shared his deep opinions about philanthropy in recent years with more than one hundred audiences.  
I deeply feel that human civilization faces a big turning point, with the sign of more than ten thousand US dollars world GDP per capita in 2011. This has led to "Philanthropic Economy". The pursuit of philanthropy makes intrinsic value of economy combined with philanthropy constantly. 

The strength of philanthropy is significant. Philanthropy industry is suppose to be part of the economic system with its flexible power to solve lots of the social problems and promotes the growth of GDP. Nowadays, promoting regional development with “recruiting philanthropy” is very popular. We should learn from foundations of European and American countries to start a business model - found a business foundation, namely run the company according to the rules of the market and return the profit to the foundation. Therefore, our philanthropic organization should be repositioned. Philanthropy industry belongs to the third industry, which means it can be produced largely with tight combination of philanthropy and economy. like what Mr. Cao Dewang advocated that social needs re-industrialization, philanthropy as well. 
The first lecture of CGPI Philanthropy Seminar Series has attracted participants in every grade who concerns about philanthropy, including a deaf-mute man. The whole audiences were touched by what he asked President Wang in sign language. 



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