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President Barack Obama Will Attend the East-West Sustainability Summit


President Barack Obama Will Attend the East-West Sustainability Summit

President Barack Obama will leave for Hawaii on August 31st to elaborate the threat of climate change brought to mankind and the importance of protecting our land and water resources and he will also make an address in the party of representatives of the East-West Sustainability Summit and Japan-SPF Summit Meeting on the night, reported by the Associated Press on August 27th.

The East-West Sustainability Summit

Theme: Uniting Global Philanthropy: Inspiring Action for the Planet

Time: August 29th, 2016 - September 1st, 2016 (Hawaii Time)

Place: Honolulu in America

Sponsor: China Global Philanthropy Institute and East-West Center

The world is fast entering the era of philanthropic economy and philanthropic capitalism. In the process of global economic integration promoting comprehensive transformation of the structure of the state and society, inclusion and gathering force of philanthropy will play a very special social function for interaction of the major human civilizations so as to promote the innovation and reformation of economic system and social system in the social transformation period. Bilateral strategic cooperation between China and America in the field of philanthropy will once again become the important driving force for reshaping human civilization.

-- Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute

We are much honored to bring outstanding philanthropists in the international community together. Participants in the Summit are firmly committed to explore new philanthropy partnership and take action to protect natural resources around the world.

-- Director of Special Project of Carol Fox East-West Center

Approach the Summit

Environmental problems are global problems. Climate change need be governed jointly by each country, energy structure remains to be adjusted reasonably and residential environment still need further optimization. Under the overall background, global philanthropy will act and undertake the responsibility of confronting global challenges of survival environment and seeking for sustainable development of human society.

From August 29th to September 1st, 2016, China Global Philanthropy Institute will cooperate with East-West Center to host a global grand meeting—“East-West Sustainability Summit” in Hawaii. The Summit takes World Conservation Congress as the background and it is also known as the “Olympic Games” in environmental protection community because it is held once every four years by the World Environmental Protection Alliance. It will be first held in the United States over the past 68 years and Hawaii is selected as the site.

East-West Philanthropy Forum (EWPF) has been successfully held three times in Hawaii since 2014. The Summit will take the Forum as its background. It aims to promote joint action of global philanthropy in the field of sustainable development, respond to the environmental protection and sustainable development great event which is "2016 World Conservation Congress of International union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)" and strengthen the global linkage of sustainable development fields such as multiple issues like green finance, smart city, green supply chain, biodiversity protection, public welfare and female leadership so as to optimize the cross-boundary partnership among government, philanthropy and educational circles.

Achievement of the Summit will be released in the "World Conservation Congress" on September 1st, 2016 (Hawaii Time). In the meantime, the achievement will also form good echo with related issues of the 11th Summit of G20 held from September 4th to 5th (Beijing Time) in Hangzhou, China.

All Previous Topics and Action

"East-West Philanthropy Forum" is established by philanthropic leaders and business elites who have global influence. The Forum takes "Philanthropy Changing the World. Philanthropy Shaping the Future" as its vision and aims to condense the philanthropy wisdom and solve the most urgent society problems in the global under the background of the world development entering into the age of philanthropic economy, human society coming into new civilization.

Theme of the First East-West Philanthropy Forum: Action of Global Transformation and Philanthropists' Mission

Determine the purpose of the action and cooperation

Establish the cooperation mechanism between Chinese and American philanthropists 

The Forum contributes to cooperation between China and the United States in environmental protection and implementation of projects like philanthropy education and Children’s Museum.

Theme of the Second East-West Philanthropy Forum: Action of Strategic Philanthropy and Influence

In the aspect of family philanthropy, it gives the highest respect to Rockefeller Family, especially Richard Rockefeller. It decides that the philanthropists in China and the United States jointly set up funds to support the young philanthropists in these two countries.

It contributes to the cooperation mechanism which is China Global Philanthropy Institute established by five Chinese and American Philanthropists who are Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonv and Ye Qingjun. On November 12th, 2015, the Institute was announced to be established in Beijing.

RBF and Lao Niu Brother and Sister Foundation cooperate to establish Richard Rockefeller Foundation

Theme of the Third East-West Philanthropy Forum: Action of Century Philanthropy • New Mission

Discuss new challenges and new opportunities which are be faced with many years of philanthropy

Philanthropists in China and the United States cooperate to realize substantial joint


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