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Alumni Association | Philanthropy Heroes Gather in Beijing, Kung Fu Masters Talk About the Future!


We have all dreamed of fighting with swords in the world of rivers and lakes for Chinese people, where there are martial arts, chivalry, and chivalry that we yearn for.


On January 12, Yang (which means masculine and positive) has just become strong and all things are glorious. The heroes of the alumni of the China Global Philanthropy Institute in martial arts suit gathered in Beijing to celebrate the festival and discuss the future development of philanthropy cooperation.


Ma Weihua, Chairman of the board of directors of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, Wang Zhenyao, President of the China Philanthropy Institute in Peking Normal University, Dong Fangjun, President of the Alumni Association of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, and Tu Yexing, Secretary-General of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, delivered speeches at the annual meeting respectively. They brought New Year's wishes to the alumni.


Address by Ma Weihua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the China Global Philanthropy Institute


Address by Wang Zhenyao, President of the China Global Philanthropy Institute



President Wang Zhenyao presented the recommended books of the board of directors to the students


Representatives of the new alumni association of the China Global Philanthropy Institute

Address by president Dong Fangjun

In his speech, president Dong Fangjun introduced the members of the new alumni association and the main work of the alumni association in the past year. In 2018, the alumni association launched many activities such as New Year Festival Friendship, Alumni Annual Meeting, Three Triple Meetings, Alumni Forum, the Gobi Desert Crossing and so on. Especially, the "The Source of Three Rivers District Sustainable Development Forum, Zadoi County", which united the strength of all alumni, deepened the interaction and contacts among alumni, and realized the joint progress among organizations and alumni.

In response to the advocacy of the future development of the alumni association, this CGPI (China Global Philanthropy Institute) alumni association will add the roadshow of the alumni project. Five alumni projects from various classes and fields will be displayed. The proceeds from public auction will be used for the development of alumni projects. Proceeds from the sale were more than RMB90, EMP (Executive Management of Philanthropy) Class one Ye Dawei donated 10 tickets of Yao Foundation Philanthropy Race and tickets for Philanthropy Dinner to the alumni association. Minsheng Bank Beijing Branch's private bank bought the tickets for RMB20, 000, which was also the first time that financial enterprises participated in the auction of the alumni association.




1. Alumni Philanthropy Project Roadshow


Golden Wings Project




Art Dream Project


2 慈善拍卖

2. Philanthropy Auction



All proceeds from the auction are used for alumni projects


3. Lucky draw




At the annual meeting, the self-directed program by alumni was wonderful. EMP Class ten alumni and autistic girls performed the sign language song "Let Love Spread Out" for us. The new generation of philanthropy leaders has shown us vigorous spirit strength. In the future, alumni association members will continue to strive for their own philanthropy undertakings. The leadership of Alumni Association will also seek opportunities for the joint development of all alumni.





Wonderful alumni show




Alumni band with Songs Combination mobilizing the atmosphere of the whole audience


EMP Class ten sign language song Let Love Spread Out 


With every bit of effort, the trickle will become a stream and the stream will become a torrent. We will continue to promote the development and progress of philanthropy in China. The future is promising.



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