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CGPI and Hywin Foundation Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement


On the morning of March 17, Vice President Jia Jing of China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) attended Hywin Public Welfare Foundation’s news conference on its Special Fund for Retired Soldiers & Military-civilian Integration Industrial Fund, made a keynote speech on the theme of “Social Finance Boosting Social Innovation”, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hywin Public Welfare Foundation on behalf of the institute.

Vice President Jia Jing said that social finance can mobilize resources on a large scale and solve social problems more effectively, and introduction of the new investment idea will certainly help to stimulate the social vitality. The "double funds" of the special fund for military retired soldiers and the military-civilian integration industry fund can complement each other. The industrial fund can not only support the self-employment of retired soldiers, but also form a joint force with the special fund, to offer continuous fund support for the special fund. Through the innovation model of social finance, we shall mobilize and attract more social capital and expand the scale and social influence of the “double fund”.

Han Hongwei, Chairman of the Board of Hywin Group, and more than 100 military and local leaders and representatives of related agencies attended the "double fund" news conference. Chairman of Hywin Public Welfare Foundation said that it will conduct in-depth cooperation with our institute to create a new pattern of social finance.


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