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China Global Philanthropy Institute Launched the First Course in Shanghai to Promote the Development of "Philanthropic Economy" in East China


On March 10, 2018, the opening ceremony of China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI)’s first philanthropy management course in East China and the Philanthropy Dialogue on Philanthropic Economy and Social Innovation were held in Shanghai. Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Xie Lingli, Vice President of Shanghai Charity Foundation, Wei Qing, Director of Publicity and Informationization Department of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, Xiong Hou, Director of Scientific Research Department of Shanghai Academy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Liu Muqun, Dean of Overseas Education College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xue Yixin and Qian Jun, Vice Presidents of CGPI Alumni Association, Tu Yexing, Secretary-general of the CGPI Alumni Association, Liang Qinghong, Secretary General of CGPI East China Alumni Association, and representatives from government agencies, universities and social organizations came to congratulate and attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

At the event, the participants had a dialogue on "Philanthropic Economy and Social Innovation". In the philanthropic economy era in China, social value leads economic value. Domestic enterprises and institutions should attach importance to their social responsibilities, turn social service into the main part of enterprises’ economic development by leveraging innovative technology and thinking, thus achieving win-win development for both enterprises and the society.

CGPI’s philanthropy management course in East China is funded by Rong Le CGPI Scholarship Fund launched by CGPI alumni. Based on CGPI’s advantages in the research field of philanthropy education and abundant domestic and foreign cooperation resources, the course aims to train managers and leaders for developing and promising public welfare charities in East China, thus promoting the development of the public welfare and philanthropy industry in this region. Since announcement, the course has attracted attention and consultation from more than 100 people interested in philanthropy management. After rounds of selection, 34 students from East China and surrounding areas gathered here to embark on a learning journey of philanthropy management.

According to Xu Pu, one of the founders of Rong Le CGPI Scholarship Fund, being grateful to Mr. Ray Dalio, one of the founders of CGPI, for the scholarship he provided for EMP students to attend the senior leadership program at Harvard, 12 alumni set up Rong Le CGPI Scholarship Fund spontaneously. They hope that the benevolence can support other people interested in philanthropy to learn and improve. They also call on more alumni to contribute their resources and expertise to the philanthropy industry.

After the opening ceremony, CGPI held the Philanthropy Dialogue on Philanthropic Economy and Social Innovation. President Wang Zhenyao and Michael Norton, a professor of CGPI and famous British expert in social innovation, respectively made keynote speeches entitled Philanthropic Economy: No Business without Philanthropy and Business Based on Philanthropy: International Trends and Frontier Practice in Social Innovation. Guests and representatives from Adream Foundation, Alibaba Foundation, Shanghai Disneyland, and Organic and Beyond Corporation shared rich practical experience on such topics as “The Boundary and Fusion of Philanthropy and Business”, and “professional philanthropy”, bringing brilliant inspirations.

Based on the development needs of local philanthropy undertakings, the management course in East China featuring “problem-orientation” and “action learning” helps students tease out the most urgent problems that need to be solved through institution management. On the basis of the dual teaching model given by theory tutor and practice tutor, targeted teaching will be conducted. Peer learning will be advocated and implemented supported by the alumni network of CGPI. The mutual help and cooperation platform between the alumni network and the course in East China will be built to expand international vision and inspire innovative thinking. The course is expected to train 60 to 80 professional managers of high quality for public welfare charities in the industry every year, leading the development of philanthropy undertakings in East China.

In the future, CGPI will introduce more high-quality resources such as famous teachers and courses to accelerate the development of philanthropy in East China and lead wealth to philanthropy.


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