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The China-US NGPP Program and the First Course to be opened in New York


We hope to provide support for those who are willing to contribute their leadership, intelligence, and abundant resources, to eliminate inequality together and create a world where everyone may live healthily and fruitfully.

-- Founder of the China Global Philanthropy Institute and Co-Chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

-- Bill Gates

The future two decades will be a peak stage for the inheritance of Chinese wealthy family, during which a great deal of family wealth and responsibilities will be transferred to the next generation from the current generation. Philanthropy participation of the next generation is not only significant for the success of the family legacy, but also has a significant positive influence on the full development and balanced development of the Chinese society. The next generation philanthropy of the American family is an important part of the American philanthropy, and it has accumulated abundant experiences and resources on model innovation, trend study, network construction, etc. The Chinese next generation philanthropy is just started, and it needs to learn from the beneficial experiences of America, and use the concept and method of strategic philanthropy for guiding and supporting.

Adhering to the prospect of "philanthropy leads the social civilization", the China Global Philanthropy Institute, China Institute in America and other top public philanthropy institutions in China and the United States jointly established the China-US Next Generation Philanthropy Partnership (China-US NGPP) Program. The program aims at selecting the potential, excellent and good-hearted new generation in a family to be partners. The purpose of the program is to build a China-US next generation philanthropy exchange platform to facilitate the philanthropy cooperation between the wealthy families in China and the United States, to cultivate the "philanthropic knowledge" and "philanthropic ability" of the next generation in wealthy families, to improve social values of family wealth and to help the Chinese wealthy families to achieve orderly succession and to promote the innovative development of global family philanthropy.

The first course of the China-US NGPP, which is carried out from January 15 to January 20, 2018 in New York, the United States, is focused on "Family Legacy and Strategic Philanthropy". The Co-founder of Laoniu B&S Philanthropy Foundation and its Director, Mr. Niu Ben, and other eight first trainees are about to set off to fulfill the doctrine of spreading family good fortune with practical actions with the philanthropy dream of the next generation in Chinese wealthy families.

United Nations Headquarters

There are four hot spots in the first course of the NGPP on theFamily Legacy and Strategic Philanthropy. First, trainees will have interaction with the top philanthropy families in the United States, including members from Rockefeller Family, Davidson Family and Long Family; second, the trainees will have a visit to the United Nations Headquarters, meet and communicate with the United Nations high-level officials and listen to the experience sharing of the New York office of the United Nations Development Program; third, the trainees will have a chance to have a experiential learning at the American top philanthropy institutions, including the Asian Cultural Council, JM Kaplan Foundation, Tiffany & Co. Foundation, the protected area of the Nature Conservancy project, etc; fourth, there are variety of high-end activities in the course, including participation of the SupChina: Next China Conference attended by 250 political and economic elites, close view of the exhibition of art collections of the Rockefeller Family, participation of the family philanthropy dinner, etc.

Rockefeller Center

The mentors of the course are Professor Jia Jing, Vice President of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Professor Fu Changbo, Associate Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Mr. He Zhiming, CEO of the China Institute in America, and Ms. Ai Dingde, Senior Vice President of the China Institute in America. They will lead the trainees to think about the "Next Generation Philanthropy Program" and to deeply explore the relation between strategic philanthropy and family legacy, so as to facilitate the communication and cooperation of the next generation in China and the United States on philanthropy sector. So that to help the next generation in Chinese wealthy family to find their missions, undertake social responsibilities and inherit their good family characters, and then to plan and develop family philanthropy and family legacy by means of new concepts and new methods.


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