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“Can benevolence be tested freely?” President Wang Zhenyao was interviewed by News 1+1 and talked with Bai Yansong


Recently, an online fundraising program called “You Were Also Born on That Same Day” has gone viral on the WeChat. Through this program, one could find out an impoverished student who is born on the same day with him after inputting his own birthday, and then donate one yuan for the student. But it is also noticed that different photos of the same student is shown several times with different names. and also there is some fake information about the beneficiaries. Many netizens feel quite disappointed with the suspected “charity fraud”. By now, the donation channel has been closed and Bureau of Civil Affairs of Shenzhen Municipality is carrying out investigation on the issue. 

On December 25, Mr. Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute was interviewed by the TV program of News 1+1 in connection with the donation-soliciting project titled "You Were Also Born on That Same Day," and discussed with Mr. Bai Yansong about “can benevolence be tested freely?” According to Mr. Wang, Charity Law supervises “goodwill” and philanthropy should take many factors into consideration, including law and regulations, procedures and social engagement. It is by no means appropriate to carry out philanthropy activities by simple giving and exchanging. On the contrary, joint decisions should be made by the government, some donors as well as social media, and then be published to the public. 

Two issues should be focused to professionalize philanthropy: Internet has been neglected for a long time and the compassion of post-80, post-90, even post-00 generations is undervalued. In fact, the young people have a strong passion for philanthropy and any event involving the Internet would soon become a public concern for the Internet’s fast speed in spreading information. This issue teaches a good lesson to both the field of philanthropy and the whole society. In the future, nothing is trivial or should be neglected about philanthropy, especially philanthropy on the Internet. 

For more information please click here: http://app.cntv.cn/special/cbox/detail/index.html?guid=6020767aa71b4a6cb2ab464ca07d9676&vsid=C10586


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