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Social Finance Leadership Program Comes In! The 1st Class of Startup Partners for Senior Social Finance Seminar Is Recruited!


“Social finance is exerting a far-reaching influence on the development of global public welfare establishments. This new type of operation for public welfare, including charitable donations, impact investment, seamless docking of business development, is ready to come out. To push forward China-US pragmatic cooperation in impact investment and promote innovative development of social finance in China, China Global Philanthropy Institute will make groundbreaking explorations: through global social finance exchange, China’s 1st Senior Social Finance Senior is to beheld to train social finance talents who have a world insight and vision and the spirit of innovation, lead social progress, and attune to the development need of inclusive finance in China.” 

- Ma Weihua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Global Philanthropy Institute

Social Finance Leadership Program (1st Senior Seminar)

Training social finance talents who have a world insight and vision and the spirit of innovation and lead social progress;

Deeply combining world influence and execution, pushing forward social innovation and sustainable development;

Recruiting top-level faculties and building up a global network for exchange, learning, and practice, and assisting industrialized development of social finance;

Training practical abilities and actual combat abilities, encouraging students to practice social finance projects and providing professional support.

Powerful Mentor Team

Chief Mentor

Ma Weihua

Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Global Philanthropy Insitute

Former President of China Merchants Bank

Internationally Renowned Faculties

A Global Ideological Feast

Forefront detailed analysis: the latest domestic and international news and practical cases, full-view understanding of the ecological chain of social finance, becoming blue-ocean pioneers of China’s social finance industry. 

High-end exchange: attending by invitation “International Social Finance Forum and 2017 International Impact Investment Summit,” feeling the pulse of the direction of China’s social finance from an international perspective, joining hand in hand with industry elites, and having dialogues with top maters. 

High-end Practice Network

Elite circle: Inviting industry elites to have in-depth discussions and explorations in terms of the trends of social finance, building for students the most valuable interdisciplinary circle of friends, and reaching multi-directional communication among investors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. 

Application practice: the curriculum includes panel discussions about the trends of social finance, shares cutting-edge practical experiences on different topics, organizes students and experts to have discussions, and train the actual combat capabilities of students for operating social finance projects. 

Visits to Shenzhen and Hong Kong: field research of and visit to impact investment organizations, with a full-view understanding of the industry’s ecological chain.

Focus on Long-term Values

Accompanied growth: The Institute will work with students to establish a social finance club and recommend students to participate in visits to and onsite research and studies of UK, US, etc. Every month, thematic forums, lectures, seminars and other such sharing activities will be held, so that students can get the latest firsthand information, whenever and wherever possible. The Institute will provide students with consulting services for the practice of social finance projects. 

Startup partnership: Traditional passive learning mode will be broken. The seminar will adopt an open and interactive tutorial small-class teaching mode. Students will discuss with and learn from one another, so that we can bring up cross-border and interdisciplinary leaders in public welfare and finance.

Target Audience

Senior management teams of banks, securities companies, private equity funds, insurance companies, small-loan companies, financial institutions, and public service organizations, as well as management teams of CSR department;

Entrepreneurs and successful people who are dedicated to pushing forward the development of public welfare in China and innovate the solving of social problems.

Course Schedule

December 2-7, 2017

Join Us

Class Quota: 30 students

Time: December 2 – 7, 2017 (Saturday to Thursday)

Location: Shenzhen, Hong Kong

Course Language: Chinese, English (Simultaneous Interpretation provided)

Course Certificate: students will be awarded with a certificate of completion by China Global Philanthropy Institute

Tuition: RMB50,000 / person, including course fee, learning material, tea break, etc. (Students shall bear costs for transportation, room and board, Entry-Exit Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao.)

Application Procedure: Fill in and submit application form. Upon approval of preliminary review, interviews will be arranged. Upon approval of interviews, students will be awarded with an offer. Upon payment of tuition, students will be officially enrolled.

Deadline: Till class quota is fulfilled.

Please scan the following QR Code.

Contact Us

Prof. Wu

Tel: 0755-22737151 ext. 328

Mobile: 132-0226-5502

Email: sfic-reg@cgpi.org.cn

Prof. Zhang

Tel: 0755-22737151 ext. 331

Mobile: 150-1007-5519

Email: zhangyaxi@cgpi.org.cn

*Course info shall be subject to the final release of course info one week prior to the starting of school. 


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