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“Two Sessions” Special of EMP | CGPI Alumni Forum Is Held in Beijing to Call for Professional Philanthropy and Joint Action


On September 24, the 1st CGPI Alumni Forum in 2017 which was organized by China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) and CGPI Alumni Association and supported by institutions such as China Council of Lions Clubs was held in Beijing. With the theme of “Sharing and Intergrowth”, the forum emphasized “Professional Philanthropy and Joint Action” to demonstrate the thinking and action of CGPI philanthropy leaders in the area of professionalization of Chinese philanthropy. It was advocated at the forum that the philanthropy industry should achieve professionalization through education, carry out horizontal cooperation, as well as solve social issues, lead social civilization and promote social progress by joint action.

At the opening ceremony of the forum, Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute and Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University, made an opening speech. Mr. Wang reviewed CGPI’s history in terms of philanthropy research and talent cultivation and interpreted CGPI’s significance to the development of Chinese philanthropy, including the multi-level cultivation of professional philanthropy leaders like GPL, EMP and ELP.

Xue Yixin, an alumna of CGPI, Vice President of CGPI Alumni Association and CEO of Chunhui Children Foundation, gave a speech on behalf of CGPI Alumni Association. As a senior executive of a Fortune 500 company, she left business for philanthropy because of her sense of mission. In addition to emphasizing the important value of professional philanthropy learning, she expressed her firm confidence in CGPI Alumni Association to promote the development of Chinese philanthropy in the forms of self-management and joint action.

Tang Min, a consultant of the State Council and Executive Vice Chairman of the China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange), and Wang Yan, the representative of Bridgewater (China) President and CGPI Director Ray Dalio, gave a speech at the forum, respectively.

Zeng Jing, Assistant President and Academic Dean of CGPI, released the Annual Report of Alumni. It is learned that the report was about the data investigation and analysis of nearly 300 alumni of CGPI GPL, EMP and GPL. According to the report, alumni from Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai account for more than 50% of all alumni interviewed; 35% of alumni have multiple positions, such as board chairman, general manager, founder of philanthropy institutions, council president, secretary general, famous media professional, and recreation and sports star; and 90% of alumni are decision-makers and managers in their institutions. The top six areas concerned by alumni are education, poverty alleviation, culture, medical assistance, helping the disabled and environmental protection. Among them, 72% of alumni concern for education. According to incomplete statistics, 20% of employers of alumni are listed companies and the total amount of net assets of alumni’s institutions exceeds RMB11 billion. 96% of alumni conducted personal donation in 2016, with the amount of actual donation exceeding RMB100 million. Among them, three alumni’s annual personal donation exceeds RMB10 million. 42% of alumni have carried out cooperation with each other. 35% of alumni have implemented social innovation and social finance. 30% of alumni have started to make efforts in international action and international cooperation.

At the forum, ten CGPI alumni including Free Lunch for Children founder Deng Fei, gave a brief speech. Among these alumni are senior member of China Council of Lions Clubs, former Miss World, founder of organic agriculture, sponsor of children’s aid agency, and founder of programs for children with mental diseases. Alumni showed their gratitude to CGPI for the learning opportunities which broadened their horizon and introduced excellent partners in philanthropy. They now can promote the social progress through their action.

The roundtable dialogue of the forum consists of three parts: Family Philanthropy and Wealth Inheritance, Professional and Effective Philanthropy, and Joint Action to create a Value Chain of Philanthropy. Alumni representatives of CGPI GPL and EMP and senior members of China Council of Lions Clubs shared their unique viewpoints and personal experiences with members of various communities.

At the end of the forum, alumni representatives of CGPI GPL, EMP and ELP put forward a proposal: create a healthier ecological chain of philanthropy through joint action and complementary advantages; be a founder and explorer in Chinese modern philanthropy by applying their knowledge, leading by example and unifying knowing and doing.


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