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The New Cultural Silk Road, New Opportunities for Sudhana – CGPI Attended by Invitation the 2nd Chinese –French Cultural Forum


From September 25 – 27, as an important exchange platform of Chinese-French cooperation, the 2nd “Chinese – French Cultural Forum” was held in Lyons, the second biggest city in France. More than 500 personages of all circles from both China and France, including Chen Zhu, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and President of Western Returned Scholars Association Chinese Overseas-returned Scholars Association, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Former French Prime Minister and Chairman of La Fondation Prospective & Innovation (French Prospective and Innovation Foundation)attended the event. Ma Weihua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Niu Gensheng, Initiator of the Institute, Wang Zhenyao, President of the Institute, Guo Su, Assistant President of the Institute, and Dong Fangjun, Representative of Outstanding Students of GPL Program and many others attended the event by invitation.

On the morning of September 26 local time, the delegation of China Global Philanthropy Institute attended the opening ceremony of the art exhibition given by Li Xin at the new Institute Franco-Chinois de Lyon and had in-depth discussion with former French Prime Minister M. Jean-Pierre Raffarin on the promotion of Chinese –French cultural exchange programs. 

China and France have enjoyed a time-honored history of friendship. Both countries abound with diverse cultures, with a great many museums, art museums, cultural centers and other such institutions. The Chinese – French Museum Management Dialog was an outstanding special theme during this Chinese –French Cultural Forum. Mr. Niu Gensheng, Initiator of China Global Philanthropy Institute, and Professor Wang Zhenyao, President of the Institute, represented China to attend the thematic dialog titled “Museum Management: Operation and Financial Aid of Cultural Programs.” They had talks with Curator of Musee Rodin, Curator of Lyon Museum of Fine Arts, and main supervisors of other such famous French museums on topics including the meaning and function of museums, partnership between museums and the government, cooperation between private sector and museums, etc. 

The China National Children’s Center – Lao Niu Children’s Discovery Museum is a flagship program of Lao Niu Foundation in the field of culture and education. As a result of the cooperation among The China National Children’s Center, Lao Niu Foundation, and China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, this program is the first public children’s discovery museum ever built in China, which integrates internationally advanced educational idea and operation mode of children’s museums. Ever since it is opened, the museum has been highly praised by everyone. During the Forum, guests expressed their full recognition and acclaim of this program. Mr. Niu Gensheng believed that public welfare establishments need leverage more social resources and that the museum can depend on itself for operation and sustainable development through the strengthening of the development of peripheral products of the museum, professionalized consulting services, research, trainings and other such expansion projects. 

President Wang Zhenyao believed that during the past 10 years or so, China’s private entrepreneurs had shown their great purchasing power and that the construction and repair of museums had become a trend. He hoped that through this forum China and France could establish extensive project cooperation, especially non-governmental exchange, to promote the development of the museum industry and enhance cultural exchange of the two nations.

In the thematic dialog titled France’s Economic Appeal Against the New Geopolitical Layout, Chairman Ma Weihua exchanged opinions regarding how to attract investments to France with David Kimelfeld, Chairman of the Metropolitan Area in Lyons, Jean-HervéLORENZI, Chairman of France’s Economists Club, Arnaud de BRESSON, Regional Head of Royal Bank of Scotland Group Asia Pacific, Phan NHAY, President of Bank of China Paris Branch, Zhao Jinun, Vice President of Chinese –French Cultural Forum on the Chinese side and former Ambassador to France, Chen Yonglan, President of Eurazeo China, etc. He believed that investments between China and France had yet to reach an ideal condition and that cooperation between the two nations required attention to industrial upgrading and the increase of contact and exchange regarding industry and technology. He also pointed out thatthe agreement signed by both governments requires that entrepreneurs from both nations settle down and the cooperation between the two sides is a very important factor that makes the two economies attractive. He hoped that the entrepreneurs from both nations would strengthen exchange and communication and consolidate understanding and mutual trust so as to carry out cooperation more frequently.

During the dialog titled “China and France: Sharing of Creativity,” Mr. Dong Fangjun delivered a speech. He expressed that China was going from “Made in China” to “Made by China” and was gradually moving toward the front-end of the world. “France’s culture and art are beyond comparison. We have come to realize that it was Renaissance that gave birth to the French Revolution, so ‘Art Enlivens Rural Areas’ that we have promoted is a very creative and great cause. A lot of rural areas in China have shown the phenomenon of being ‘hollow villages.’ We hope to inject new vitality to rural areas through art. Recommended by Ms. Jiayue, the envoy of friendship between China and France, and President of China Global Philanthropy Institute, we had the honor to get to know the internationally renowned architect Mr. Paul Andreu. In the future, we will work with Mr. Andrew to revive rural areas and go hand in hand with him to realize China Dream and bring more prosperity to France.”

The success of the 2nd “Chinese-French Cultural Forum” will open more channels for GPL students to exchange and cooperate with people from all walks of life in France, build a “New Cultural Silk Road” for Chinese-French exchange, and inject new vitality to the exchange of public welfare establishments in both China and France.

Background Information

“Chinese-French Cultural Forum” is a high-standard cultural exchange meeting between China and France, which was jointly proposed and initiated by Chen Zhu, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Former French Prime Minister. As one of the co-organizers, China Global Philanthropy Institute participated in the first forum held in Beijing in 2016. The success of “Chinese-French Cultural Forum” was highly praised by Heads of State from both nations, with Letters of Congratulation in written form. 

Co-sponsored by Western Returned Scholars Association Chinese Overseas-returned Scholars Association, Lyon Municipal Government, and French Prospective and Innovation Foundation, with “The Belt and Road: Cultural Confluence and Sharing” as its theme, the 2nd Chinese –French Cultural Forum organized a total of 27 different activities, including 8 parallel thematic sub-forums regarding museum, movie, cultural heritage, life and art, brand economy, etc.


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