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The Dean’s Insights | Which Did Social Donations Received Nationwide in 2016 Amount to RMB 82.7 Billion?


Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issuedSocial Service Development Statistical Bulletin of 2016. According to the Bulletin, the social donations received nationwide in 2016 amounted to 82.7 billion, an increase of 26.4% over the previous year. The donations directly received by civil affairs departments amounted to 4.03 billion and the donations received by various social organizations amounted to 78.67 billion.

Social donations (including money, clothes and bedding) received over the years


The amount of donations (RMB 100 million)


The amount of clothes and bedding (10 thousand pieces)


The total amount of social donations (money) received by civil affairs departments and social organizations


The amount of clothes and bedding received by civil affairs departments

“The breakthrough growth of social donations in China began in 2008.” said Wang Zhenyao, Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute and Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University.

The year 2008 is regarded a milestone in the history of Chinese charity by many media. That year major natural disasters occurred frequently in China, especially the serious cryogenic freezing rain and snow disasters in the southern part of the country at the beginning of the year and the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan province on May 12, which caused serious losses. The disasters sparked two charity climaxes.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the social donations received nationwide in 2008 amounted to RMB 74.45 billion. In 2006 and 2007, the number is RMB 8.31 billion and RMB 13.28 billion respectively.

“Our society contains great philanthropic enthusiasm. When a major disaster happens or there is policy motivation, the philanthropic enthusiasm hidden in our society will burst out," Wang Zhenyao said.

In the years that followed, the total amount of social donations received nationwide basically stabilized at RMB 50-60 billion. Since 2013, the total amount of social donations has risen steadily. In 2016, the social donations received nationwide amounted to 82.7 billion, reaching the highest value in history.

According to the analysis by Wang Zhenyao, the most fundamental reason for the breakthrough in donations in 2016 is the progress in laws, policies and system. “In 2016, The Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China was promulgated and implemented and well received by the whole society. Many legal provisions are rapidly being translated into social policies and carried out nationwide, which has enhanced the confidence of the masses to do good deeds according to law.”

The implementation of the charity law has provided new impetus for the great development of social organizations. According to Social Service Development Statistical Bulletin of 2016, all types of foundations nationwide amounted to 5,559 last year, an increase of 16.2% compared with 2015. The newly increased ones amounted to 775, the highest increase in history. At present, there are 1,730 public-raising foundations and 3,791 non-public-raising foundations in China. The social donations received by public-raising foundations and non-public-raising foundations amounted to RMB 62.55 billion. “This is a huge institutional improvement.” Wang Zhenyao said.

“In 2016, Internet donations also made historic advances. The donations received on Tencent 99 Public Welfare Day more than doubled compared with 2015. Such progress is rare worldwide. In addition, many philanthropists and businesses are making donation plans to promote philanthropy. Small donations are in the ascendant and even small donation boxes on the streets are being tested. These factors contributed to the donation breakthrough in 2016.” Wang Zhenyao said.


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