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The 2nd China Toilet Revolution Forum Held in Beijing


On April 13, China Global Philanthropy Institute and China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University jointly held The 2nd China Toilet Revolution Forum in Beijing in the theme of "Building Up Toilet Civilization Together and Promoting Social Progress" and also released China Toilet Revolution Progress Report (Hereinafter referred to as Progress Report).

Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute and Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, pointed out in his keynote speech that Chinese toilet is a major breakthrough in the current economic and social development, and the toilet revolution concerns the upgrading of Chinese society and the progress of other social reforms. Toilet revolution is an industrial revolution, a social revolution, and also a cultural revolution. A toilet is small, but it links to the individual life of every one of us, links to social management, and links to social civilization. Only when a social change becomes an economic behavior or forms a social economy can it be truly popularized very fast in the Chinese society.

Wang Zhenyao, Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute and Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University

The Progress in Toilet Revolution Is Praiseworthy

Fu Changbo, Assistant Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute and Professor of Beijing Normal University, released China Toilet Revolution Progress Report in the forum. The Progress Report focuses on the great progress made by China in the field of toilet construction and management since Chinese President Xi Jinping gave his important instructions on the toilet revolution in April 2015, shows in many angles the improvement of China's toilet hygiene undertakings in policy innovation, facility construction, technical innovation, and managerial work in the past three years, and the contributions made by industrial forces, scientific research institutions, and social organizations to the toilet revolution.

Professor Fu Changbo Released China Toilet Revolution Progress Report

The Progress Report shows that by February 2017 the country has built and expanded 50,916 tourist toilets and completed 89.33% of the construction goal (57,028) listed in National Tourism Administration’s Three-year Action Program for the Toilet Revolution; by 2015, the rural healthful toilet penetration rate had reached 78.4%, and we had reached the goal set in National Urban and Rural Environmental Sanitation Action Program (2015-2020). Namely, by the end of 2015, the rural healthful toilet penetration rate should have reached 75%.

In the practice of public toilet management services, local governments are continuing to make exploration. Thus, various new models have appeared, such as the "Toilet Opening Alliance" (Opening the internal toilets of public institutions, hotels, and other institutions can make up for the shortage of public toilets.), "Toilet Head System" (Let the responsible officials of the City Authority take charge of some toilets.), "Building, Maintaining, and Managing Toilets in a Commercial Manner" and so on. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and National Tourism Administration have updated Urban Public Toilet Design Standards and Classification and Assessment of Tourism Toilet Quality Grades, respectively, to improve the ratio of women’s and men’s toilets, and popularize the third toilets. Traditional sanitary enterprises, toilet environmental technology innovation enterprises, and universities’ research institutions have begun to take an active part in accelerating the toilet technology revolution and participating in the setting of relevant standards for construction and implementation.

Suggesting the Promotion of Toilet Revolution in All Fields and for All People

Fu Changbo said that at the present stage the progress of the toilet revolution was imbalanced, and the governance pattern of government leading, market action, and social participation had not yet been formed, so China's toilet revolution still had much room for improvement.

Hence, the Progress Report has given suggestions in five aspects for deepening the toilet revolution, namely, optimizing the public policy, improving the standard system, encouraging enterprises to participate, giving more power to social organizations, and strengthening publicity and guidance work.

Optimize public policy and build up joint forces for improvement.

Rely on scientific data and improve standard system.

Encourage enterprises to participate and upgrade the level of construction and management.

Give more power to social organizations and participate in the toilet revolution.

Strengthen publicity and guidance work and re-build the toilet civilization.

Guests’ Sharing of Opinions

Liu Dong, Senior Project Officer of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

A small toilet reflects the great livelihood of the people. The toilet is a small thing very familiar in our life, but it concerns the health of each of us and concerns the healthful development of the environment. Our goal is to turn the toilet industry into a promising one and make it into a business model.

Zheng Xueming, Secretary of Hongshan District Committee of Wuhan City of Communist Youth League

The humanistic spirit constitutes the core content of the cultural characteristics of a nation and a region, and the whole world's common language in smelling and visual language are the ones that can reflect the process of civilization.

Qian Jun, Founder of Yu Ting Public Welfare Foundation

How did we promote the "toilet revolution?” We defined it as a new runway, built up the toilet platform, and put production enterprises, research teams, and social organizations onto this platform completely, so as to promote the reforms in "toilet" related areas together.

Liu Xin, Professor of Collaborative Innovation and Ecological Design Center of Tsinghua University

The formation of a social, new, and healthful toilet civilization is not a matter achieved within one or two days. Especially, the real formation of a good toilet culture needs a longer accumulation, so as to form a good cultural atmosphere gradually.

Cross-border Exploration into a Multiple Governance Path

Toilet construction and management involves many fields such as planning, construction, land resources, environmental protection, hygiene, education, etc., and toilet-related laws and regulations also cover many management departments. If we want the toilet revolution to go deeper from the tourism field to all fields of China, we shall need the joint action of relevant ministries, to systematically reflect and optimize relevant laws, regulations ,and public policies related to toilet construction and management.

Roundtable Forum “Multiple-governance, for Deepening the Toilet Revolution "

Through the Progress Report, this forum triggered the dialogue among scholars of different disciplines, government, and entrepreneurs around the topic of the toilet, so the forum became a platform for in-depth discussion and cooperation in the field of toilet. As representatives of governmental offices, enterprises, and institutions in the field of toilet, Zhang Huan, Chairman of the Fifth Space Group of Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group, Cai Hanming, Co-Founder and President of China Branch of World Toilet Organization, Ma Zhiheng, Chairman of Shanghai Huajie Ecological Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhang Jian, Founder of Wanruo (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and other guests came to the scene and exchanged their ideas on various subjects such as public toilet service innovation, ecological civilization, challenges and opportunities brought about by mobile toilet, etc,, and probed into new ways to promote toilet development together.

Pioneers of Toilet Revolution Action

In the process of China's toilet revolution, a large number of advanced collectives and outstanding individuals have emerged, and they have become pioneers in the toilet revolution. In order to pay tribute to all parties that have promoted the progress of the toilet revolution in various aspects, such as policy and standard setting, technological innovation, social advocacy and other areas, this forum specially selected ten outstanding figures and ten institutions as " Pioneers of Toilet Revolution Action " and presented trophies to them.

It is noteworthy that the forum also announced the "Special Tribute Award for Toilet Revolution Action,” and the award winner was Mr. Li Jinzao, Head of National Tourism Administration. When Mr. Li Jinzao worked as Mayor of Guilin City of Guangxi in 2000, he started a toilet revolution in the city. In 2015, Li Jinzao, as Head of National Tourism Administration, advocated "The Toilet Revolution" again. In the past three years, the toilet revolution has made great progress in the national tourism system, which has benefited both the country and the people.

The selection criteria of the list were based on the authoritative data from the People's Network (people.cn) and National Tourism Administration. Through the digging-up of big data, around many dimensions such as concept change, government-leading, mechanism innovation, technological innovation, pragmatic advance, and civilized toilets, we evaluated the effective practice of relevant government departments, enterprises, social organizations, and individuals in the process of promoting the toilet revolution, hoping to give insights into the achievements and problems in China's toilet revolution and help with the full-wing progress of the toilet revolution.

# Take Pictures of the Most Beautiful Toilet Casually # Invite You to Participate

A toilet is an indispensable human health service facility, an important carrier of social civilization, and also an environment and health issue arousing a great attention from the whole world. The toilet revolution is not only a tangible innovation in construction and management but also the upgrading of the system and civilization.

The construction of toilet civilization requires the change of social behavior, and a large-scale change in social behavior cannot be separated from the public's attention. The forum also started the “Take Pictures of the Most Beautiful Toilet Casually” campaign jointly sponsored by China Global Philanthropy Institute, China Public Welfare Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, Toilet Culture Research Center, Yu Ting Public Welfare Foundation, and Sina Micro Public Benefit. Wang Zhenyao, Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute and Dean of China Public Welfare Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, Xu Jingbo, President of Asia News Agency, and Qian Jun, Founder of Yu Ting Public Welfare Foundation, serve as spokesmen for the campaign.

Just photograph the toilet by you that has amazed you, add # Take Pictures of the Most Beautiful Toilet Casually #, and send it to Sina Microblogging, and you will be able to interact with the majority of net friends, praise the most beautiful toilet by you, and advocate the toilet civilization together with them.

A Complete List of Pioneers of Toilet Revolution Action

Special Tribute Award

Li Jinzao, Director of National Tourism Administration

Pioneers of Toilet Revolution Action (ten individuals)

Dr. Yang Zhenbo, Consultant of the United Nations Children 's Fund WASH Project

Mr. Qian Jun, Founder of Yu Ting Public Welfare Foundation

Professor Li Zifu of Beijing University of Science and Technology

Zhang Nongke, General Manager of Beijing Sanitation Group

Fan Mingzhi, Deputy Secretary - General of China Urban Environmental Hygiene Association 

Xu Jingbo, President of Asia News Agency

Professor Liu Xin of Tsinghua University

Cao Jun, Chairman of the Board of Suzhou Clearet Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Wang Yanqing, President of Huida Bathroom Accessory Co., Ltd.

Wu Hao, Chairman of the Board of Beijing Lanjieshi Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Pioneers of Toilet Revolution Action (ten institutions)

Kunshan Municipal People 's Government

Hongshan District Committee of Wuhan City of Communist Youth League

Shanghai City Appearance and Environmental Quality Monitoring Center

Shanghai Public Toilet Association

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Midea Group Central Research Institute

Jin Hongye Paper Group Co., Ltd. APP Life Paper for Commercial Use

Local Service of 58 Tongcheng Net

Xiamen University

Kunshan City Pei Ben Experimental Primary School


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