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Ma Weihua and Wang Zhenyao Awarded "2016 Chinese Annual Philanthropists"


Dec. 27: 2016 Chinese Annual Conference on Philanthropy was held at the China National Convention Center, Beijing. The theme of the conference was "Together—Sharing, Creating and Wonder-making". On the conference, participants looked back on the development of the philanthropy in 2016, and witnessed the release of "2016 Top Ten Philanthropic News Items", and the awarding of 2016 Top 100 Annual Chinese Philanthropists, 2016 Top 100 Annual Chinese Social Enterprises, 2016 Top 50 Annual Chinese Journalists on Philanthropy. CGPI’s Chairman Ma Weihua and President Wang Zhenyao, leading philanthropist, including Cao Dewang, Niu Gensheng, Lei Yongsheng, Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, and CGPI alumni, such as Cui Yongyuan, Deng Fei, Hu Guanghua, Liu Wenkui, Niu Ben, Wang Yu, Xiao Longjun, Zhang Wulong were awarded "2016 Chinese Annual Philanthropists".

More than one thousand representatives from social organizations, enterprises, academic institutions, and media gathered to reflect on topics such as supply-side reform, targeted poverty alleviation, development of underprivileged groups, social finance and “philanthropy and business”. Moreover, they shared with each other the philanthropic innovation cases implemented by their foundations, social service organizations, social societies and enterprises, and conducted comprehensive and in-depth exchanges regarding the development of philanthropy.

On the conference, Chairman Ma Weihua was commended to have made unique contribution to the innovation in and development of the philanthropy. From President of China Merchants Bank through President of One Foundation, to Chairman of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Ma has long been committed to integrating the business concepts into philanthropy, reforming the industry’s pay rates, and optimizing the workforce structure of the industry.

During the conference, Chairman Ma lectured on "Social Finance". He thought the philanthropy requires not only enthusiasm, but also the integration of finance and philanthropy. He advocated introducing financial mindset into the philanthropy, so as to promote the innovation in philanthropy leveraging financial and other business models. He also expressed that it’s is an important mission for the CGPI to foster modern philanthropic talents equipped with creativity because we are amidst an era of innovation.

President Wang gave a speech on "The New Missions required by China's Philanthropy in A Philanthropic Era". President Wang pointed out that China has entered an epoch of philanthropic economy featured by the high productivity and fully developed finance. China needs to dig out its potentials for making innovations regarding the integration of philanthropy and social development, and construct a new societal pattern where charity law promotes the development of philanthropy.

On the conference, President Wang was commended as a leading practitioner in China’s philanthropy. The institutions under his leadership have trained a large number of professionals armed with modern charitable awareness for the industry, and made outstanding contributions to modernizing and internationalizing China's philanthropy.


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