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​The 3rd East-West Philanthropists Summit Is Held in Hawaii


The 3rd East-West Philanthropists Summit Held in Hawaii

The 3rd East-West Philanthropists Summit co-sponsored by CGPI and East and West Center was held in Hawaii from January 7 to January 9. Nearly one hundred philanthropic leaders at home and abroad gathered in Honolulu to study the new challenge and opportunity for centenary philanthropy revolving around the theme of "Centenary Philanthropy, New Mission." At the Summit, those philanthropic leaders discussed that under the context of accelerated globalization, intensified economic integration and loosened national governing structure, how the global philanthropic community should better undertake its mission to start cooperative actions through philanthropic and financial innovation, so as to make greater contributions to the battle against communal challenges imposed on the human society, such as global warming, ecological pollution, poverty, hunger and serious infectious diseases.

"Entrepreneurs are facing a new mission!" CGPI President Wang Zhenyao said at the Summit. The wealth distribution has been going towards polarization since the 2008 financial crisis, which rings alarm to the income inequality in emerging countries. Millionaires, accounting for 0.7% of the global population, own 44% of the global wealth, while the total individual wealth owned by a 69.8% population (3.282 billion persons) only accounts for 2.9%. So, the greater responsibility is on the part of the rich!

Wang said worldwide philanthropists need to make a forceful response to global issues, and their cooperation proves the most required factor in transnational events. World-wide networks of financial institutions and a large number of financial services are conducted across border, and multinational lending, securities issuance and acquisition systems have taken shape. With the large-scale cross-border transfer of advanced technology and R & D capability and extensive development of transnational research, the challenge of climatic and social problems is becoming a global issue that requires the joint action from governments across the world.

"Making money is a technique, and spending it is an art. Both our production and survival aim for a better life. Philanthropic aids can bring physical well-being to those in need of it," said Niu Gensheng, one of founders of East-West Philanthropists Summit and founder of Lao Niu Foundation. During his speech he appealed to the philanthropists, "Action! Action! We need action!"

The World Wealth Report released by Credit Suisse Research Institute reveals that as of 2015, there were over 1.33 million millionaires (measured with USD) in China; nearly 10,000 Chinese held a net asset of over USD50 million, a number ranking second in the world. According to the data from Boston Consulting Group in 2014, America is still the country with the largest population of USD millionaires – 6.9 million, an increase of 4.7% compared with 2013.

"We'll see the stronger emergence of Asia, and the more important role of America as a dynamic society that attracts abundant resources and proceeds with its philanthropic commitment," said Charles E Morrison, President of East and West Center. He raised a question: how to expedite the collective action? Leadership and cooperation are important. In addition to the talents cultivation in universities, different institutions should be united to work with all countries for the benefits of the human society.

The 2nd East-West Philanthropists Summit brought about the cooperative mechanism built by the five philanthropists: Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonv and Ye Qingjun. On November 12, 2015, CGPI announced its establishment in Beijing.

Robert Rawson, Director of Global Philanthropy Partnership, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said that “We're happy to be one of those who sponsored CGPI. In America only one fifth of the population believe they've made valid donations. We need to consider encouraging more people to get involved, combining our hearts and brains to increase people's enthusiasm, for the goal of making this world better."

Facing the new change in international philanthropy, CGPI's president Ma Weihua believes Chinese philanthropy is going through a profound historical transformation from government to public dominated, from social elite and wealthy group to public participation dominated, from individual to organization and enterprise, and from traditional to modern philanthropy. "International philanthropy is growing fast with emergence of many new ideas and new philanthropies, including influence investment, philanthropic trust and venture. Commercial and philanthropic models are infiltrating into each other."

On the other hand, female philanthropic leaders are emerging. Shi Yanhua, senior consultant of CIIDS said that the First Ladies around the globe are very active in philanthropic field, which prompts governmental officers to actively realize the importance of philanthropy. Geng Ming, deputy director of Beijing Office Policy Advocacy and Government Relation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said that female philanthropic leaders are participating in low frequency at the current stage. Most of them are making contributions behind their husbands. Therefore, women should be encouraged to get involved during the philanthropic practitioner cultivation, to the extent that they can promote the philanthropic development with their own voice and leadership. Page Duranie believes that women should not only be encouraged to take leading positions, but solidify everyone with their feminine care.

Regarding how global philanthropists take better actions to strengthen and promote the flawless connection between eastern and western civilizations in philanthropy, unite east-west philanthropic power and solve the challenges imposed on all human beings, He Qiaonv, chairwoman of the Summit and president of Qiaonv Foundation proposed an action initiative from aspects of the world, China and women, in order to encourage the philanthropists to perform their mission under the joint program.

The East-West Philanthropists Summit is initiated by philanthropic leaders and commercial elites with global influence, with the vision of “Philanthropy changes the world and creates the future”, dedicated to establishing a bridge for ideological exchange and practical cooperation among philanthropists, entrepreneurs, political leaders and academic elites with the greatest influence in the world. It carries out regular discussion on the new philanthropic trend, new challenge confronting global philanthropy and new solutions to important social issues, for the purpose of promoting the revolution of philanthropic concept and knowledge and strategic innovation.

The Summit has received strategic supports from Qiaonv Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Beijing Dali Philanthropic Foundation, Lao Niu Foundation, Zhejiang Dunhe Foundation, Heren Charity Foundation, Huamin Charity Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Ford Foundation.


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