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The third compulsory intensive teaching of EMP14 class is informative


On April 22-25, the third compulsory intensive course of the EMP14 class of CGPI was completed at the Shenzhen campus. "Strategic Management of Non-profit Organizations" was lectured by professor Huang Haoming, vice president of CGPI, and guest professor Li Zhiyan. Alumni Cao Jun, the founder of the "Xihaner" project, and Li Hong, secretary general of the One Foundation, shared the strategic design and implementation of their institutions. Our students understood the systematic use of scientific tools to formulate strategic frameworks through case analysis and research and their own institutional diagnosis. Professor Tang Hao, director of the Social Policy Research Center, and Ms. Zeng Weiling gave a lecture on "Social Research Methods" to help students reshape research thinking and master basic quantitative and qualitative research methods to apply them to the action plan for the upcoming project.



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