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CGPI "Revisit Wuhan" mobile classroom ended perfectly


From April 24 to 25, Li Xiaoyun, a senior chair professor of liberal arts at China Agricultural University, lectured EMP students the elective course of "Rural Revitalization" in the Zall Bookstore. Her lecture is rich, from the root of poverty to poverty alleviation, from China's rural issues to international experience and practical cases. Meanwhile, professor Qin Yaqing, the former president of China Foreign Affairs University, taught DBA/GPL students "Political and Economic Trends and Global Responsibilities" at the Hubei Charity Federation, analyzing global governance, world order and global responsibilities, US strategy towards China and Sino-US relations, and the way how Chinese culture gets along with the international community.

In the afternoon of the 25th, professor Ai Luming, also director of the CGPI, taught EMP/DBA/GPL students "Chinese Entrepreneurs' Philanthropy Practice and Theoretical Exploration in Environmental Protection" at Dangdai Group. Through lecturing the establishment and development of Alxa SEE, project case analysis, and management and operation, he has brought a lot of inspiration and guidance to the students! The mobile classroom "Revisit Wuhan" of CGPI ended successfully in Dangdai Group.



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