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CGPI Thought Session on "Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship" in Wuhan


In the evening of April 24, at the Moshan Base of the East Lake of the Alxa SEE Changjiang Project Center, Chairman Ma Weihua, Director Ai Luming, and President Yan Jun of CGPI, Chairman Wu Jiangang of the Alxa Changjiang Project Center, and Vice Chairman Wang Limin of the Changjiang Conservation Foundation, as well as 60 students and 30 Alxa members gathered here to jointly launch the "sustainable development and entrepreneurship" thought session. There were full of lively discussions and witty words, "Wuhan has not experienced the epidemic, but has overcome the epidemic", "Together, we will be great", "Entrepreneurship is not only creativity, but also the responsibility to society, to achieve self and social sustainable development!" Wuhan is hailed as a weather vane for post-epidemic recovery and sustainable development due to its strong resilience and vitality.


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