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On the first anniversary of Wuhan's "unblocking", CGPI opened the "Revisit Wuhan" mobile classroom


On the first anniversary of Wuhan’s “unblocking”, CGPI officially opened a three-day “Revisit Wuhan” mobile classroom. On April 23, Liu Binghua, director of the Philanthropy Management Education Center, and professor Tang Hao, director of the Social Policy Research Center, led a total of 60 students from the three major programs of philanthropy management education EMP, DBA, and GPL, came to the Hubei Charity Federation as their first stop. They shared and exchanged the "Anti-epidemic Story of Hubei and I", aiming to promote cross-project dialogue, philanthropy "breaking circle" and propel integration. After listening to the students' sharing, President Yan Jun conducted cordial exchanges with the students, introduced the curriculum programs and management ideas of CGPI, and the students actively interacted and talked about sustainable development. Afterwards, the students visited the Changjiang Civilization Museum. Mr. Wang Limin, the vice chairman of the Changjiang Conservation Foundation, shared the field and significance of the protection of Changjiang, and interacted with the students.


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