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China's first independently registered philanthropy institute celebrates its fifth anniversary——Bill Gates and other Chinese and foreign philanthropists join hands to promote philanthropic education to start again


On November 27, 2020, the 5th anniversary celebration of the China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) was held in Shenzhen. Leaders of governments and universities as well as Chinese and foreign philanthropists, including Bill Gates (founder of the CGPI and co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Ray Dalio (founder of the Bridgewater Associates), Niu Gensheng (founder of the Inner Mongolia Lao Niu Foundation), Ma Weihua (Chairman of the board of directors of the CGPI), Gong Puguang (Vice Chairman of the NPC Social Development Affairs Committee, Chairman of the China Charity Federation, and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs), Wu Yuanxiang (Party Member and Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau), Amir Pasic (Dean of the  Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy), Yves Flückiger (President of the University of Geneva), Guo Yurong (Secretary of the Party Committee of South University of Science and Technology of China), Du Peng (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Ping An Group), Feng Dixin (representative of the Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau), Liu Guoling (Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Charity Alliance), Ai Luming (founder and Chairman of the Dangdai Group and the 7th Chairman of the Alxa SEE) look back on the five-year history and look forward to the new journey. Other guests including Lei Yongsheng (Director of the CGPI and Chairman of the Lao Niu Foundation), Shen Xuxin (Director of the CGPI and Vice Chairman of Dunhe Foundation), Ms. Hang Can (representative of the Director of the CGPI and Secretary-General of the Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation), and Mr. Jun Yan (President of the CGPI) also attended the 5th anniversary celebration ceremony.

The 5th anniversary celebration ceremony is an important moment for the opening of the new five-year frontispiece of the CGPI. Representing the board, Ma Weihua, the board Chairman of the CGPI, issued letters of appointment for the new director of the CGPI, Mr. Ai Luming, who is also the founder and chairman of Wuhan Dangdai Group, and the new President of the CGPI Mr. Yan Jun at the ceremony. Meanwhile, he also paid tribute to important promoters, witnesses and supporters of the establishment and development of the CGPI. They are Ms. Guo Yurong (Secretary of the Party Committee of South University of Science and Technology of China and former Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau), Mr. Du Peng (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Ping An Group and former Director of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone Bureau), and Mr. Huang Shizai (Chairman of the board of directors of the Great China International Group).


Since November 2015, with the strong support of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, the Education Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau and other departments and all sectors of society, the CGPI settled in Shenzhen as the first independently registered philanthropy institute in China. During the five years of exploration, the CGPI has been adhering to the guideline of reform and opening up, absorbing the achievements of social innovation and exploration, integrating global academic resources in philanthropy, pioneering and innovating, and has witnessed the accelerating effect of philanthropic education on China's social development.


In the past five years, the valuable knowledge created and practical education provided by the CGPI has made remarkable achievements. A group of alumni have witnessed the significant role of professional philanthropic education in promoting the professionalization and internationalization of China's philanthropy. In order to encourage alumni to do outstanding performance in the five major aspects of social contribution, alumni cooperation, serving alumni, back-feeding the institute, and brand promotion, the CGPI has set up five awards, namely the Love Award, the Fellow Award, the Talent Award, the Light of Spring Award, and the Humming Award, and commends the alumni who made outstanding annual contributions. At the 5th anniversary celebration, the donors and partners who had supported the development of the CGPI were also appreciated.


The CGPI, which advocates life impacting life, is about to open a new chapter. Shenzhen has infused the Institute with the character of daring to fight, and daring to be the first in the world, and the future development of the CGPI will emphasize being based in Shenzhen, facing the whole country, and radiating to the globe.


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