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EMP2020 Fall Class Opening Ceremony held in Shenzhen today


On November 27, the opening ceremony of the EMP2020 fall class of the China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) was held in Shenzhen. Ma Weihua (Chairman of the Board of the CGPI and member of the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals Impact Steering Group), Chen Yueguang (Director of the Governance and Strategy Committee of the Board of the CGPI), Yan Jun (President of the CGPI), Ren Tao (Executive Director of Beijing Zhide Lingcheng Cultural Development Co., Ltd., sponsor of the CCAFC Better Future Special Fund and Deputy Secretary-General of the CGPI Alumni Association), and other leaders of the Institute attended the ceremony which was presided over by Tang Hao, a distinguished professor of the CGPI.

Since its establishment five years ago, the CGPI has welcomed nearly 600 EMP students. Today, 41 people from various industries such as public welfare and business become new students in the EMP2020 fall class. They will start their learning journey here and eventually change the world with philanthropic actions through professional learning.

China's economy is ushering in a new era of high-quality and sustainable development, and China's philanthropic undertakings are also entering a new stage. With the transformation of charity organizations, the introduction of relevant top-down reform policies for social organizations, and the bottom-up non-governmental activities' advancement with the times, the citizens' awareness of philanthropy is gradually affecting the mainstream of society.

Professor Ma Weihua, Chairman of the board of the CGPI, pointed out in his speech that in the face of sustainable development, it is necessary to break through traditional philanthropy to facilitate the public welfare to generate a greater social effect, let business and public welfare be effectively combined, and explore the effective solution model of social issues to promote new commercial civilization and sustainable development.

According to the "Top 10 Model Cases of CGPI Alumni for the 5th Anniversary" released by the CGPI on the same day, CGPI alumni have been outstanding in their responding to the issues of the times, exploration of social innovation, promotion of topic advocacy, advancement of diversified cooperation, and support for philanthropic ecological construction from the five aspects of times, innovation, advocacy, cooperation and empowerment in the past five years.   

The era has endowed CGPI with a major mission to cultivate outstanding talents for philanthropy. In the past five years, the CGPI has been continuously innovating the teaching system and knowledge system, exploring the establishment of a new philanthropy curriculum system from philanthropy management to the combination of society and finance, and creating the characteristics of action teaching combining theory and practice, striving to cultivate more innovation-oriented talents for the development of China's philanthropy.

The Shenzhen spirit of "daring to try and pursuing excellence" in the new era is also advocated by the CGPI. Based on the present and looking to the future, Yan Jun, the President of the CGPI, pointed out that it is the mission of the Institute to cultivate senior philanthropy executives and social entrepreneurs that meet the needs of society and help solve social problems. While exploring and solving social problems and taking actions, it is also necessary to construct the spiritual support for philanthropy practioners. The CGPI will build itself a pioneering demonstration institute for philanthropy education with more groundbreaking reforms and innovations.


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