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What has been the enforcement of the Charitable Act in the past four years? Are there any proposed amendments? Nearly 70 representatives make suggestion


On September 24, in order to promote the voice and public discussion in the law enforcement inspection of charity law from all walks of life, the seminar on the first law enforcement inspection of social participation in charity law was held in Beijing jointly sponsored by the Social Policy Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Lingshan Association for the Promotion of Public Welfare Charity, the Research Center for non-profit Organization Law of Peking University, and the Eide Foundation
Shen Xuxin, Director of Shenzhen International Public Welfare Institute, and Huang Haoming, Vice PresidentInvited to participate in the meeting and to make statements. More than 30 experts from academic and practical circles at the meeting analyzed and reflected on the implementation of the philanthropic law in the past five years. Director Zhu Hengshun of the legal system Office of the National peoples Congress listened attentively to the opinions, and will further sort out the problems in the implementation of the policy on the basis of expert opinions and form documents for discussion by the standing Committee of the National peoples Congress.

Participants generally agreed that, as the first basic and comprehensive law in the field of philanthropy, the implementation of the Charity Law has played an important role in promoting the legalization and specialization of philanthropy. At the same time, with the rapid development of economy and society, especially the continuous iteration of digital technology, the unexpected new situation in the legislation of philanthropy law continues to emerge, and there are some problems in the law enforcement, such as the stricter supervision of charity and the insufficient development of cultivation, which makes the good will to promote the development of charity by philanthropy law can not be effectively realized. In the face of reality, it is necessary to seek truth from facts and analyze deeply and calmly, and distinguish which phenomena are caused by the change of social environment conditions and the reform of system and mechanism, which are caused by legislation itself or legal matching or administrative law enforcement, which are caused by the consciousness and ability of charitable organizations themselves, and which are caused by social and public philanthropic cognition and ideas.

Participants believe that at present, all kinds of problems are so complicated that it is difficult to effectively solve the problem only by law enforcement inspection and urging the relevant government departments to work hard at law enforcement level. On the basis of the summary of this law enforcement inspection, it is imperative to start the process of amending the Charity Law.

* The draft proposal has been sent to the Charity Law Enforcement Inspection Team of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress (NPC), and has been submitted to the 22nd Standing Committee of the 13th NPC for reference.


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