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The 2020 First Alxa Philanthropy Culture Forum held, and the CGPI Teaching and Practice Base established


The 2020 first Alxa Philanthropy Cultural Forum was held on September 27 at Ejina Banner, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia. It was hosted by the Alxa Administrative Office and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, organized by the Ejina Banner People’s Government, the Alxa League Commerce Bureau, the Alxa League Foreign Affairs Office, and the Alxa League CCPIT, and jointly supported by the China Global Philanthropy Institute, Alxa SEE Inner Mongolia Project Center, Beijing Sunshine Road Foundation, and Alxa League Real Estate Co., Ltd.

The forum focused on the cultural dissemination and philanthropic economy development, and was committed to promoting the practical exploration and innovative development of philanthropy + through international dialogues, cross-border connection, and industry linkages to build a philanthropy city of Alxa. The inauguration ceremonies of CGPI Teaching and Practice Base, Alatanqiqige Mongolia Long-tune Education and Training Center in Inner Mongolia, and Juyan Academic Research Center were held simultaneously.

Huang Haoming, vice president of CGPI, stated in his keynote speech that social organizations had become an important part of the national governance system, and philanthropy had evolved to a way of life for the public. He advocated to promote social responsibility with multiple cooperation mechanisms, facilitate the achievement of economic goals through social value innovation, prompt standardized operation of enterprises through sustainable development, and advance sustainable development by means of social responsibility systems.

      Bai Yongqiang, chairman of the Sustainability Committee of the Beijing Sunshine Road Foundation, said that Chinese enterprises and charitable organizations had become the backbone of the fight against the epidemic this year, which inspired more people to think about the meaning of life and devote themselves to public welfare.
      Du Yangzhou, general manager of Alxa League Real Estate Co., Ltd., said in an interview that people should understand the past and present of Populus euphratica culture and art with a broader historical perspective, and grasp the reality and future of Populus euphratica culture and art. Populus euphratica forest is a natural landscape, and Juyan culture is the soul of history. Sand and water, grass and tree, constitute a spectacular view. As a local company in Alxa, we are responsible to adhere to the model of promoting the renewal and business development of the Juyan Cultural City with cultural tourism, adhere to the development path of marketization, professionalization and internationalization, and endeavor to propel the integrated development of cultural tourism. It is necessary to build a new platform for the theoretical research and achievement extension of contemporary Juyan culture and tourism industry to accelerate the growth of Juyan's cultural industry.


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