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The first interview for DBA2021 held in Shenzhen


  On the afternoon of August 28, the first interview for DBA 2021 was held in Shenzhen. The founding president Wang Zhenyao, professor Jia Jing, deputy provost Tang Hao who is also the academic director of the DBA Program, and French representatives made a comprehensive assessment of the candidates as interviewers.

  On August 29-30, the first DBA class completed the second course "Modern Charity and Social Service" in Shenzhen. Professor Wang Zhenyao, the founding president of CGPI, sorted out the development logic of modern philanthropy and its relationship with social service for 18 students present, and discussed how social forces build partnerships with the government and the market to improve the supply capacity and efficiency of social service. During the course, teachers and students frequently interacted and exchanged opinions, and conducted in-depth and intense discussions on the combination of theory and practice. After class, the students also conducted sharing and exchange activities, and established the first class committee composed of five students based on the principle of democratic selection.


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